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February 19, 2014


Patrick Cleary

It's so cool to see you on this show, and I felt so cool as I pointed you out on my screen to my partner while simultaneously pointing at the painting you did on my wall. You deserve all the success you have and more, David!


Thank you SO much Patrick! I know that painting went to a great home.
All the very best to you.

ashton Cruz

Well hello Gorgeous!


Been awhile since I've been by the blog...(...RHOC is not on and this is my place to bitch...not sorry 'bout it....).

While I thought Naked Vegas was an obvious 'spend an hour masterbating' created for the SyFy frat boy crowd (I'm not judging), it was so cool to see AND hear you.

Big question...Is McKenzie as gorge as she is on TV? WOW. She has this conservative glamour thing going on..YUM!.

Next question...Is Nelly really like that, or does she drink heavy and curse like a truck driver on crack? Anyone that buttoned up and stylized always makes me wonder...

Here's a link to the show:

If they do another season of 'Jack Off'...sorry 'Naked Vegas', you should be a judge.


Ah, sorry I missed this. Maybe it's on YouTube...

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