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July 09, 2013



Fabulet LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gawwddd you.are.a.genius David!! This is EXACTLY what Vicki with an i looked like during her screeching at Lauri episode!! Poor this season she was fresh from her "touch up" and her face is so bloated it looks kinda bad. But in her interviews she looks FABULOUS!! Absolutely gorgeous!! But I guess it takes a few months for the swelling to go down after a "touch up". Pretty soon I will know about all of that myself. I am do for a little "touch up" myself in the next few years. The only thing I have on my side is that I have actually been preparing for this time in my life since I was like 21. Crazy right???? But I have to admit I didn't enjoy my youth as much as I should have now that things are slowly moving a little south. But I did stay out of the sun all of my life and that is helping a bit. Nuff about me and my fascination with all things having to do with Plastic Surgery. It actually terrifies me to go under but the pay off I would think would be worth it. I'm praying to god that I look as good as Kris Jenner at her age! She is my idol!! Thank you David for another wonderful drawing of these wonderfully, trashtastic biotches from the OC. I watched about 30 minutes of this episode that's more than I can say for the last 5 or 6 episodes. And I am a Housewives fanatic!! But I can't stomach this season of the O.C. gals. BRAVO....paleeze recast the whole crew on the OC franchise except for Vicki with an i. Ugh.....yawn so boring.


You really have a way of capturing our Vikki.
You got that moment when all the voices in her head were screaming swear words at once and her master personality (for the cameras) decided that 'piece of trash' was far more gentile and ladylike than 'jizz filled drag queen ___t whore!' The one pupil slightly larger than the other ....Yes. Perfection.

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