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July 14, 2013



I love your descriptions as much as your art. LOL (literally) at "Bull Dog Shaped Brother"


They must need a chisel to get their makeup off at night-


My husband walked in the room when Teresa & her brother were having their spat and he thought they were married... If I were Melissa, I think I'd be wondering about their relationship...


Literally SCUM!! And all of those biotches thought that Danielle was BAD. These biotches are disgusting!! BRAVO....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE RECAST THE WHOLE JERSEY CAST....YES EVEN FAKE, WANNABE, GOT ON THE SHOW ONLY BECAUSE TERESA WAS ON IT MELISSA GORGA....UGHHHH CAN.NOT.STAND.HER!! But Teresa has really turned into a monster also.


And David!!!! Thank you for drawing Teresa....this is EXACTLY how she looked when all of that shiz went down at the therapy weekend!! Ya know that therapist that came on from that therapist show on Bravo I didn't even know that SHE IS NOT A PSYCHIATRIST AND NOT EVEN A DOCTOR. She kinda gets on my nerves too. And thank you David for your great is ALWAYS WITTY AND ALWAYS GIVES ME A LAUGH!! A MUCH NEEDED LAUGH might I add!! Love to you David!! Hope this post finds you making wild amounts of money and so very happy in your personal life!!

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