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June 05, 2013



I think its time for OC to pack it in ! great art as always DG

Jen Gary-Baker

This one is a favorite! Jen in PA


This episode was pretty ridiculous. All those toys - come on. I felt bad for Heather and how her restaurant choice didn't go over but she should have recognized the audience. If they want junk food then give them junk food....


I think it is time for all the reality shows on Bravo to go.
It is now just about girl or boy fights that only Andy seems to love. How would you like your legacy to be creating crappy reality shows.
Congrats Andy


OC are about a bunch of women going through menopause and mid life crisis.


Come on David. The reason I check your site every few months is to see your hilarious sketches of the housewives. I always get a chuckle. I appreciate your other art, but my favs will always be the housewives.


LOFL!! Love your recaps even though because like I said and others have said this season is BORING still love what you put out there!! A good chuckle is always a good thing and you manage to do that with your always lofl recaps of these housewives that we love to hate so much!! I haven't watched the last 3 tivo'd episodes this season of the OC housewives because it is (yawning now) so friggin boring.
I think because the Beverly Hills/Malibu gals are so fabulous and fun to watch that watching the OC wretches is a bit tiresome now. That is my opinion only. Also I think they should recast the entire cast of gals (and I use the term gals loosely to refer to these wannabe women)on the OC Housewives except for Vicki. I have a soft spot for her because she is the only original gal on that show. After all OC started it all and then came all of the other cities. Please, Please Bravo recast these wretched women!! No more Alexis or Tamra would be HEAVEN!!
Thank you as always to the brilliant Mr. Gilmore for your fabulous, genius art work!! And thank you for that well needed chuckle when you recapped even though it was short!! I am sure you have better things to do then to recap these women!!

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