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June 12, 2013


Urethra Franklin

That scene with Heather using the chair as a buffer & her expressions was one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen on the HW series.

Tied for funniest scene was Phaedra's facial reaction to Kenya, when she came to the charity function in a bathing suit & butt pads, which also was brilliantly illustrated by you.


Perfect LOL!!!


Love this! Would you please consider drawing the angry Dunkin' Donuts rant girl? It would make my day!


Alas....I have grown so tired of the OC crew that I haven't even bothered to watch the last three of my tivo'd episodes. And I AM A Housewives FANATIC!! This group of gals just irritate me. I think Heather is that truly self absorbed, conceited, snobby wife of that plastic surgeon in Newport right? I dunno....I must say that they bore me. I guess because I am so INTO the RHOB the Beverly Hills gals that I think the OC girls are the nasty seconds we have to watch until the next season of the fantabulous Beverly Hills/Malibu gals return!! And maybe it's only me but everytime I watch Vicki with an "i" fawn and cry and loose it totally and completely over this guy Brooks it makes my stomach upset because I love me some Vicki with an "i". I see where she was in Tamra's wedding so maybe that is a good sign that she has let this user, no good, deceitful Brooks go. And I mean if she has I hope that it is permanent. T
Thank you David for your brilliant art work and your recap. I think you have grown tired of the gals as of late also because your wonderfully, fantastic, LOFL recaps have been kinda short. Love ya David and love your site!! Your art work and your funny recaps make my week brighter!!


My guess the reason Vicki was in trailer trash's wedding is because Bravo paid for the wedding so they could film it and then dictated who was to be part of the wedding.

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