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May 27, 2013



STOP IT. If you don't draw them, who will?

This week again calls our attention to the horrible hair care product famine that continues to ravage Orange County. It is just shocking that our government, with all its resources, does nothing for the poor woman of Ladera Ranch and Coto de Caza. Thankfully Bravo spared us all by not replaying the news footage of the zombie-like bedazzled women wandering around the SCP mall mumbling 'smoothing creme? does anyone have bumble + bumble? i'll even take Paul Mitchell...' Won't anyone help?!? (sobs)

On another topic, can we start a petition asking Bravo that they show Tamra's complete and unedited 'women empowerment/get me out of the damn house convention' speech during the reunion show? Oooh lordy, she was awful. No amount of chopped up editing could save that frizzy haired car wreck. I'm going to bet it was one big-ass awkward moment after another...and I WANT TO SEE IT! And please, Tamra...look at your expect her to say 'i love you ' more? Do you need contacts? The range of emotion she is capable of showing goes from indifferent to moderately pissed off. Honey, please...move on.

And finally, what is up with the shit-disturber Horse Teef (Lydia)? Her job seems to be rooting out and celebrating confrontation. Its like the OC is her own little toy chest of people to put together and fight. 'The last time you saw her (Vikki) you called her a bitch, so...(chomp chomp chomp) guys OK now?' And those women are too ready to rumble to realize that the ditzy chick who makes bad hair choices is the puppet-master.

Its sad how much I love this show....


I just had to defend you on another website. Someone was saying how creative Tamra was for coming up with the name "jesus jugs"
Tamra is a thief and a tramp.


They all look the same: Generic
just goes to show that $ can't buy beauty...

Moira O'Connell

Vicky speaks so differently now. I don't think her lips close after the surgery.

And what should one expect from a woman who names her boys "Maverick" and "Stirling?"


Who cares if Lydia's mom is a pot head? I mean, really. WHO CARES??


Here, here....I second that Tamra is a thief and a tramp!! How dare she steal Jesus Barbie from you!! Ugh....can't stand this season or this group of gals except for poor hooked on Brooks Vicki with an "i".
As always thank you David for your brilliant artwork and lofl recaps of these wonderfully, wacky or should I say wacked out biotches on these housewives show. I have to say I am a HOUSEWIVE FANATIC but this season of the OC housewives is so boring I am not even watching it!! And I am over I mean OVER Tamra and Alexis. Please, please Bravo recast the entire crew on the OC except Vicki with an "i"!!

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