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May 20, 2013



It looks great as always!


I always thought she was the most boring of all the housewives-she displays as much passion as a rock. Maybe if her face wasn't so frozen......I seriously wonder if the have mirrors at home.


She has that "can't determine her age" look as a result of all that work. Could be 40. Could be 60. Ick.


I'll slap you if you STOP drawing them!! still LOL-ing after all these years :)

Ms Urethra Franklin

Lauri is the one that needs to be slapped!
Lauri need lessons on how to be a loving grandmother from Vicki.

Lauri refused to take custody & care of her infant grandchild after the baby suffered from heroin withdrawals after she was born because a rich gold digger grandma can not give care as good as the California Foster Care system. She is disgusting.

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very cute on cartoon


I didn't know that Lauri refused to take care of her grandbaby that was born addicted! That's disgusting!! I guess you must have read in the rags somewhere or something. That is so horrible! What kind of person does that to their own flesh and blood and this woman is apparently a millionaire several times over so it wasn't a money thing at all! But anyways the biotch looks hideous after all of that plastic surgery anyway. As always David the sketch is PERFECTION!! You.Are.A.GENIUS!! Love ya!! And thanks for making my week a little bit easier to bear because of your genius artwork and your hilarious commentary about these plastic biotches from the OC!! LOVE IT!!


Gilmore, Love how you capture the Inside of this hideous person and convey it on paper.


Why would you have to hit pause? I kept my episode on play and her face still never moved!


As always your sketch is genius!! Please NEVER STOP drawing these women!! I look so forward to your sketches and your hilarious lofl recaps of these wretched biotches on the housewives!! You are a genius David!!

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