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April 22, 2013



LOVE your drawing of Mrs. Holier than thou David!! Loved the name you came up for her "Jesus Barbie". And then Tamara repeated it on the reunion show except she called her Jesus Jugs!! LMFAO!! So friggin funny!! I have to say that when Alexis first came on the show I kind of liked her and felt sorry for her already because she was the new hot, rich housewife. And I just new that Vicki with and "i" and Tamara were going to give her a verbal beat down sooner or later for being young and hotter than both of them. So I was at first in her corner. NOW I am not. Alas, Mrs. Holier than thou has let the fame go to her head and those ginormous lips and turned into a real nitwit. Do people still say nitwit?? Anyway I heard that Alexis and her King were going to sue Tamara for her calling Alexis Jesus Jugs. But I say if the name fits......But after saying all of that I do kinda feel sorry for Alexis because she ain't as rich as she used to be or maybe she is and it just looks that way. And she seems to be all about the money. Geezzzzz I watch to much of this stuff but I just can't seem to pull myself away from it! It is trashtastic at it's finest!! I think the women on all of the franchises are all a little trashtastic except of course for the big Bev Hills gals! Now those girls have got the cash but maybe sometimes not all of the class in the world but it is an evil pleasure to watch them in action!! Thank you David for your great drawing of Alexis and her old nose. Until Alexis brought it up this season I didn't even know she had had her nose tweeked?!! It doesn't look that different to me at all. Keep up the great work David!! We all love it so much. But I miss the good 'ol days when you used to dress the biotches down. Now it's just one or two lines. Please, please David just one show a week do your magic and tell us just what you think of these trashtastic women on the Housewives!! Love ya!


Be careful, she may accuse you of bullying her through your art.

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