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April 30, 2013



Vicki Vicki Vicki...all that faux italian furniture and rod-iron bric-a-brac and you cannot afford smoothing cream for your hair. Sweetie...please. When Alexis and Horse Teef tossing empty photo albums into a particle board shelving unit (there, I said it...) it looked like the Static Electricity Fairy had come by. Hair was waving around like it was drunk. I'm sorry, is there no make-up and hair person in the budget for Bravo film crews? Sads.

Did you catch Vicki's face when she was talking with her family by her tastefully appointed bar? Someone said something amusing (like, what the hell is going on with your hair?) and her face contorted into this Edvard Munch 'Scream' mask. I honestly choked on my (3rd, don't judge) gin and tonic when it happened. Oh her poor face.. what the hell! Its like her personality is fighting this mask that is glued on. It was horrifying. H O R R I F Y I N G I tell you...


LOL!!!! "Stage Five Hurricane!!!"


I give u credit for still watching the trailer trash of OC. Joy Behar had a good line about them. She said she couldn't tell them apart.
Isn't bleached blond bimbo hair so 80's


Speaking of Joy Behar: that ultra wide mouth on her makes one wonder...

sue perkins

"augmented moose" "inflatable toy" hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Oh, David,HOW I love you. keep on drawing..RHOC are my fave. I wondered how u would draw Lydia. naturally, u nailed it.


DAVID!!!! Been offline for a couple of weeks and just checked back and HUGE THANK YOU for your always brilliant and always spot on comments about these trashtastic ladies (and I use the term ladies loosely) of the OC!! LMAO at your brilliant synopsis of this particular episode!! And as always your artwork is BRILLIANT!! Thank you once again for MAKING my week less dreary with your fantastic comments!! You nail them everytime!! :) BTW is it just me or does Heather talking make you feel like your hearing nails on a chalk board skreeching across it!! That woman just gets more irritating with each episode! Those little quips that she makes that she thinks are so funny! ANDDDDDDD....OMG last episode she is complaining once again about how her husband has no idea how hard it is taking her children on an outing when the biotch has NO room to complain because she has nannies!! UGGHHH! The only two people that I like even remotely this season are Lydia the new gal and poor Vicki. Is it me or should Bravo REFUSE to film this a**hole Brooks who is trying to take our precious Vicki with an i on a long, long ride!! Vicki we LOVE you but please before it is too late lose this looser Brooks for good! You are worth way more than this schlub!! UGGHHH! Hate to even watch it when he is on. Does he even have a job? Love your depiction of Alexis! And poor Lydia and all of those teeth you nailed it again David as usual!! Your GENIUS!! Thank you once again David for making my week brighter with your fabulous, genius artwork and or your LOFL comments about these trashtastic biotches from the OC!!


Please please do NOT stop drawing the RHOC (or any of the RH for that matter!) LOVE your drawings and commentary!

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