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February 05, 2013



Poor thing... rode hard and put away wet.


Yup, Camille is still disgusting as ever


Camille is crabby because she has been away from her lover's greek peen and needs to suck on it to keep her in a good mood


When I saw this storyline I was like why does she need a nose job? Then I remembered your drawings of her with the hook nose. They did a good job. You captured her sad puppy dog eyes so perfectly!


I want to drink wine with you and watch these shitty yet phenomenal shows. Why am I the only one out of my friends that watches every single franchise? You're funny. Oh yeah, and talented.

Your No. 1 Fan

Newly-sober, opiate-jonesing narcissist suddenly decides to get rhinoplasty at age 50. Oooh, Kim. You are soooo clever!

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