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January 22, 2013


Veronique Mars

Too funny that this picture is here, it's also paused on my television :D I laughed when I saw it, too funny. I am still Googling to figure out wtf this "concert" of PH's is. And why in the world Kyle & Faye (gag) think Paris is so amazing. Kyle doesn't just act like an aunt with her, she gets all star f^&ker-y and forgets that Paris has never been special or done a damn thing at all to be "Famous". Ah well, i'll have to live w/o concert info ;-)

Ms Urethra Franklin

She did a DJ gig at the Sao Paulo Pop Music Festival in Brazil. She was heckled and booed and continued to act a fool saying "I love you too" to a crowd of mostly haters. Check out the you tube clips for your personal enjoyment.

I love the artist ability to capture all the nuances and oddities of her face, but give her a more wonky eye next time.

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