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December 20, 2012


Linda G.

Congrats!! I don't watch that show, but I'd love to see you on it, so I'll keep my eyes open for that episode!

Happy holidays!

Jen Gary-Baker

I am so excited David - couldn't have happened to a nicer and talented guy! Congrats and enjoy the ride - happy holidays once again!

Jen in PA


So happy for you! You've been one of my favorite bloggers for years, it's so good to see all of the success you're having! Happy holidays!


Oh lord a little tv exposure and he's quoting Neigh Neigh!!!!

Happy Holidays DG!!!! and grats.

Patrick Cleary

Terrific! The next step is to watch yourself on TV and create a caricature of yourself in Mac cosmetics and sell it on Etsy!


Congratulations! have been a fan for a long time and am very happy for you. Happy New Year to you and yours.


Gosh, you are cute.

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