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September 18, 2012


Maria G

OMGGGGGG!! I swear to god Kim D looks hideous with those ratty looking extensions! It is painful to even look at. And the way she acted at her nasty fadhion show was horrible. Joe G kept saying snort anothet line Kim and then Kim D called him a midget which I thought was actually funny. I don't really like Joe G and I detest with shivers up my spine his wife Melissa. I haven't really been reading the blogs this season butI still love me some Teresa even though she has been acting like a crazed media whore lately. Teresa is the original. Melissa is just a cheap looking, nasty mouthed, wanna be singer copycat.

Jill Seale

really love all of these... especially the psycho teeth on this


If anyone is a brut, it's Kim D. Can't stand the way Teresa bullies her sister in law. And why does Kim D get involved? Cuz she's a wannabee franchisee bore. She's as relevant as the potpourri I threw out yesterday.


David where ARE YOU..........we miss you posting about the housewivessssss!!!! Come back, come back David and bless us with your GENIUS!! :)

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