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August 03, 2012



Its still on?


All the contestants look as though they would lend themselves to characture nicely. I caught up this weekend on the first 3 episodes and I'm hooked as usual. Please draw Buffy next :-)

Punky Brewstein

this guy makes me uncomfortable!

dragon girl

I'm worried about him... in the previews it seems as though he asks to leave the show. :(
No bueno, as my ball and chain would say. NO BUENO :(


OMG I love that drawing!


i love kooan! but he is too cool for this depressing show where everybody takes himself so seriously...


I have been watching and I love Dimitri for his zany one liners... "He like one way monkey... O... One trick pony.. He do the same thing O and O and O...Oagain." Love your Koonan!

Sunshine Coast Bookkeeping Service

Nice drawing of Kooan! I think it’s nice that he doesn't think of what other people say about his hair, our hair, or the way we dress are a part of our self expression.

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