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July 23, 2012



Haha! Your commentary reminded me of a comment I saw on a teen's Facebook page about an adult at his high school:

"GROSS! Mrs. _______ is wearing a SEE-THRU blouse with a BLACK BRA ~ ugh, she must be 50 YEARS OLD!!!"

A reminder for us older wimins to keep our mature bosoms and nether parts under judicious covering. There's no way old gals can compete with the 20 year olds ~ filler or not!

Mommy Bags

Well put as always. I believe that no matter how you look and how rocking your body is after a certain age you cover the shit up. She actually looks desperate right now. Your time is done bow out gracefully.


Poor Madge is just fighting it tooth and nail

Ado Flan

How dare Madonna get old.
Here's a better article to explain it all to you:

your blogger

Hey Ado,
We all age and there are different ways to approach aging. I see so many people in LA and OC County with those faces that look like they were stung by a swarm of bees..... those faces filled with filler. It's an odd look. That's my opinion. I've been a Madonna fan for a long time and I applaud some of the things she does and some of her behavior is, in my opinion again, kind of sad and desperate. She's Madonna.... she should be blazing a trail of aging gracefully but again in my opinion she's not doing that at the moment. That's what I think.


What is aging gracefully? It is what American Culture dictates it should be and those who follow those requirements blindly... Ahh for pete's sake, let her do whatever she wants... When her time comes to "age gracefully" she'll follow the path that you all think she should follow...


I really love madonna from day one but I hate seeing her still act like such a slut. Is that the best you can do mama? What happened to reinventing yourself? I'm sorry but its not sexy at all. You can still be sexy without acting like a slut, you would think she would know how to do that be now. I guess she is just trying to be shocking but it makes me cringe, I'm not shocked. I would be more shocked if she stopped doing that stuff. Is this all we have to look forward to from her? Its so disappointing because I think she could do more creative madonna please, put out some better music, get better fashion, move forward not backward.

Little Edie

jiffy pop face. brilliant. someone is going to 'borrow' that for an upcoming Housewives reunion mud sling for sure.


when my face sags and falls I will get a face lift that said there is a point when you have to dress your age and act your age. It just is not attractive to try to look like you are 20 all your life. No one is fooled, no one thinks you are twenty no matter how you dress.

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