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June 08, 2012



The only time she's (unintentionally) funny is when she's bragging. I thought the rest of the pretentious hags had a lot of nerve. Besides, I thought it wasn't politically correct to pick on the mentally challenged. Poor Jesus Barbie, her pea brain rattles when she cries.



Mommy Bags

You are keeping it real and you have me in stitches with your post. BTW the above is perfection!


It was a mistake to corner Alexis like they did. It was predictable that she would argue back, be defensive, then cry. She doesn't have the skill set to do anything better. Shame on the gals for picking on someone who isn't equipped to handle it. Kudos to Heather - she's my new fav.


I hate it when they make me feel sorry for Alexis.


Please, Please draw Heather's "she broke the bow off my cake and ate it" face!


The OC housewives are now the tackiest of all.
Tamra continues her stripper trailer trash persona (why does a women in her mid forties dress like a stripper?)
Gretchen who desperately wants to be in the popular crowd with mean girl Tamra throws her former best friend to the sharks.
Vicki- desperate for a man so she now has a gigolo. (we all knew that would happen, didn't we?)
Then there is Heather- look how rich I am and better than you. I have to comment on Heather's husband- what a gossip -I can see what he must have been like in Junior High, sitting with the girls at lunch making fun of other girls.


Setting up Alexis was definitely tacky - peer pressure, and not one of you had the balls to stand up to it. You are all basically insecure mean-girls and proud of it. Pathetic!


I've never commented on your site but I have enjoyed your drawings. I have to say that I hate we all should. Even when the person being bullied happens to have a different set of beliefs than we do. It was not justified on this episode and frankly, I realized that Alexis may be the only woman there with any class and she's certainly the only one who actually cares about how others feel. She's never mean to any of them. I'm sorry, a bigot is a bigot and Tamra is a bigot. She was never taught even the most basic manners and is doesn't know the meaning of grace and dignity. Maybe they should have their next intervention with her and get to the bottom of why miss glassy eyed, incoherent, bully hypocrite Tamra has the audacity to throw stones. :)

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