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April 02, 2012



These folks are even more Plastic than the HouseWives! GeeGee is looking for a hubby w/ as much money as Daddy to support her sorry azz... News Alert girl friend: wealthy men don't need to put up w/ ur bullshit, so good luck on that one!


I watched it for the first time this past weekend and totally agree. It was awful, distasteful, unlikeable, a huge waste of time, and I'm absolutely sure I will watch it again. I noticed some typical Bravo crossover -- Mohammed, the friend of Lisa Vanderpump from RHoBH, showcasing his gazillion-dollar mansion under construction.


Once again - felt like a rubber-necker looking at a wreck on the highway. Gross - but I couldn't take my eyes off it.

Have to say - maybe because I haven't watched a full season yet - would much rather watch them than Tam-retch, Vicky, Trout Lips, Kim, Kyle, get my drift!!!


This dude needs to rethink his look between his hair and his stache and his clothing, I can only imagine him be attractive to old trolls.

Punky Brewstein

i find everyone on this show as being very unlikable. It bothers me that I watch this


I ONLY watch the show for Reza. He's HILARIOUS!!!! Rewatch the first part of this week's show, when Reza is having lunch with GG (the gorgeous one with the shopping addiction.) At one point he says, "I'm looking for a good man, like stat...I've only got like oh so many years with my shit just in the right place!"


I knew Reza pre-stache back when i lived in the USA and He is a stone cold fox as well as a damn nice guy... The stache and the 80 s Oil Shiek glasses doesnt really help his good looks come across though.

Punky Brewstein

I'm kind of going through an anti-Persian thing right now, so even though I will watch it in reruns, I won't like it


Perhaps these Persian's should recruit some attractive people to be on their show - most of them look like Big Ang from the Mob Wives....

Missy Lane

Isn't Muhammed's house the same unfinished property that was a listing of one of those LA real estate agents on Million Dollar Listing last year?


Reza is fabulous and Asa is intriging and off beat. GG is a rather unhappy person and hard to watch. Keep watching the show Gilmore!


It is a fantastic disaster. Watch it.


I wasn't going to watch the show, but then I saw Reza on WWHL and he was Awesome - and the show is no better or worse than the Real Housewives. I think Reza is to TSOS as Bethenny was to RHNY. The shows need those likable truth-tellers to balance the ugliness of the other characters.


Reza is the best one on the show - he's hilarious! If you go on Bravo's website & look at his younger pics, he was pretty hot (no mustache).
His BFF, MJ = hot mess!! And has a totally crazy mother....
GG = INSANE. She's gonna be looking for a rich man for a veeerrrrryyy long time.
Asa = seems pretty genuine & nice.
Mike = hot!
Try to watch it again, I'm sure you'll get sucked in. Can't wait to see more drawings of the cast!


I knew a few NY Persian characters in my life so I was eager to see what LA Persians are like. I was not disappointed. I love Reza, if for nothing more than him being true to himself and Being Out in the Persian community. If he were in Iran, he would be executed. So hats off to you Reza for living your life loud and proud.


Go watch Reza's Rants on! They're amazing!


I saw his older photos he needs to loose this Sleazy Euro-Trash look.

I'm ashamed I love this show

So, before I begin.. Freddie Mercury at age 45. There. done, out of the way.

How awful are these people when Reza is the sane one?
If New Jersey sued over the Jersey Sores..sorry, Shores, the suit that Bravo is going to enjoy at the hands of wealthy and clearly tasteless Persians will be amazing.

I'll keep an eye on the show, but only if there is an episode where GG gets her ass beaten down by some other Hollywood whore who she pushes too far. I'll TIVO that.

Stormi in Texas, yeehaw

Is it like a religious rule persian men have to sport that fuzzy catepillar over their lips? It's so "hostile takeover". Drawing was spot on. Watched this show once. Won't turn back on. Addicted to Basketball Wives since the housewives old tricks have gotten stale.

Sami Gabrial

Reza Farahan reminds me of Freddy Mercury. Classic moustaches and both proud Persians,

"Mercury, who died in 1991, was proud of his Iranian ancestry, and illegal bootleg albums and singles made Queen one of the most popular bands in Iran."

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