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April 13, 2012


I'm ashamed I love this show

Reza will buy a print of this from you.

He looks about 40lbs thinner.
(i have 'bitch' turned up to 11 today...sorrys)

This show is awful and, of course, am Tivoing it.

Asa, the priestess/witch/singer(?!), I believe is a high functioning lunatic. You know the type. Tons of money so people just use the word 'eccentric' instead of 'bat-shit crazy'. And please, that woman is a bit hard on the eyes. I'd say 'tranny' but no tranny would wear the schizophrenic nonsense she walks out of the house in. Does no one love her enough to say 'lets go to LensCrafters and get your eyes tested after brunch, 'kay?'

Punky Brewstein

awful show with awful people - couldn't stand Reza's ass kissing to Nene on came across as so desperate!

I'm sure Bravo will end up giving him a spin off and dropping him just as fast as they found him as soon as they realize he won't crank in dollars like Ramona and Bethany do (think those chicks are getting 100% of the profits from their booze? LOL!)


Reza is tres cool and I agree, he is the only likable person on the show. GG is one angry, stuck-up, nasty bitch. She is almost 30 and her daddy still supports her in high style. I wish someone would cut her down to size.


At least you put him in a nice black T-shirt so he isn't looking some sleazy Euro-Trash Euro-gay


Reza is wonderful. Asa is nutty but seems authentic. Love that she doesn't follow the fashion trends. GG is sad and angry. MJ is a mess but you can't hate her because she's too vunerable. Mike is Mark Consuelos's white twin brother. Sammy is a likeable sleeze bag. Love the intro music.


they are all really short


Reza is tres awesome and I acknowledge, he is the only amiable individual on the display. GG is one furious, stuck-up, unpleasant girl. She is almost 30 and her father still can handle her in great design. I wish someone would cut her down to dimension.

Punky Brewstein

Cynthia, you say "Mike is Mark Consuelos's white twin brother..." I hardly consider Mike white, although he is MUCH better looking than Mark


@I'm ashamed...FYI Bethenny did her booze deal prior to Bravo realizing that it should have demanded a cut. Now, all of the Housewives' products net Bravo some moolah: it's now in their contracts.

RHW of the Bx

He looks like he is hoping a penis flies into his mouth

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