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April 12, 2012



Love this!


Your butt looks nice in those cargo pants

Punky Brewstein

i have a whole new respect for you!

Linda G.

Nice work and kudos to you!!

dragon girl

So she's the reason you were gone from us? H8 her! I kid I kid... This will open new doors for you Gilmore, wishing you lots of success in your endeavors. Congratulations!!!


She could not have picked a better person for the project!

I'm ashamed I love this show

What exactly is a 'babymoon'?

Yay Gilmore!

Soo many questions...
Was there tons of snacks around her house? Could totally see that. Giant urns full of candy and muffins. Chocolate fountains in every bathroom...

Were you asked to incorporate butterflies?

How thick was the contract you signed barring you from answering my questions? Blink once for 3" and twice for 'don't even bother...'


DG the next time you know your going to be in a tabloid, paint without pants LOL


Oh wow!! Exciting for you.


That is soooo great!!! Im so proud of you!

plumbing fittings

I idolized Mariah for her very amazing voice. I love her so much and I'm so proud of you.


Very happy your talent is recognized.
You have surpassed the big time.
I can say I remember you when...

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