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March 01, 2012



I think Heather looks alot like the Grinch.

Or maybe she's related to that "prostitution how-ah" from RHONJ?


Brave soul to watch Slade's decent into obscurity. There isn't enough wine in the world. I hate watching someone embarrass themselves on purpose. This season is so weird. Everything seems terribly staged. Even Vicki seems to be mugging for the camera...doing her "Vicki" look that you have captured so well. I'm wondering if this is the end of the OC Houswives. Sigh. As always, you're an amazing artist, captured chipmunk cheeks in all her glorious up-lighting! :o)


It actually hurt to watch this episode! I agree with Karyn that this season is....STAGED. I love this web site.

chris g

I just can't do it anymore....thanks for doing it for me...they are all such a waste of good flesh.


I like what Heather does but I like a good high flying bitch especially one that knows how to play the other silly dumb ones, like I said somewhere else watching Heather with Duck Face was like watching a Panther having lunch with a Goose

Toni G

I have to say that my favorite person on this show right now is Slade's mother. I love her when he told her that he was going to propose to Gretchen and his mother's response was Nooo!

Cindy from TO

Not even watching RHOC this season. Traylor from ROBH took all the fun out of watching the franchises for me. (And any sense of decency seemed to be compromised by watching it - which in some sick universe seemed to condone her behavior and storyline. Felt like a needed to shower after watching her. Also? Her "Doctor" was evidence of a new low in licensing criteria in US (or the state of Cali?) for meant Osteopaths, of course! (Hypocritic oath and all ;-) )
No, darling, I'm on here just to read your blogs, ever devoted as I am. Best newly coined term in POTO-speak? Two words: "Gateway garment"!!!!!!!!
Hope it makes its way onto

Big hugs,

Cindy from TO


If Heather doesn't order a print of your drawing of her, she has lost her mind! It is perfection!

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