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March 28, 2012


Punky Brewstein

that's great - I love her too! If she doesn't win, I hope at least she lasts longer than phi-phi!


That name is the best ever.


Welcome miss YOU and your pics!


I'm rooting for Sharon and Latrice Royale. Phi Phi is just too irritable to be the winner.


Sharon has to win! She's everything a Drag Superstar is. She can pull off any Character, Scary/Beautiful. She is hilarious, straight for the balls type personality.

Phi Phi, is that tired ass "Starter Queen". She has no personality, no nothing except a whole lot of bitch.

Chad Micheals, I wouldn't mind if Sharon loses to her. My favorites are Sharon and Chad M.

Latrice, she needs to go to make up school. I like her spunky personality, but she's not a star, not yet.

Can Phi Phi go home already! NOBODY LIKES THAT THING! She's filled with nothing but HATE. It's in her eyes, her mouth, her appeal, every inch of her being. Whats up with her Lazy eye look that she has going on?!

RuPaul needs to RECOGNIZE REAL, SHARON NEEDLES deserves the title! I can see Sharon Needles doing horror movies, having a tv show, etc. She's got the "IT" STAR factor!

I'm ashamed I love this show

"I was on the east coast for the last two and a half weeks and the majority of the time I was staying in a place that had super limited cable..."

OMG. you were in prison!
Fess up.


I agree,Sharon has to win. Phi Phi is not sick. She boring and tired.


I didnt like Sharon at first but I have seen the light. She is versatile and best of all, she is a great person. I hate Phi Phi and Sharon better win. If not Sharon, then Latrice Royal.

A Facebook User

I love Sharon Needles and I want her to win too! Did you know she stole her name from the guitarist from the all girl punk band Betty Blowtorch? How punk of her to do that!

Logan Bentley

agree Sharon is my Favvvvvvvvvvve


The origin of Sharon Needles' name came up as a topic over on her facebook page again. In addition to the guitarist from Betty Blowtorch there are other drag queens named Sharon Needles. One of them appeared on Project Runway Season 5 episode 6 where they made Drag Queen outfits. Sharon promptly deleted the thread like she always does when it's pointed out that she wasn't the first Sharon Needles. Deleting threads isn't going to hide that fact. Sharon should realize it's no big deal that she copied her name and deleting the threads about it makes it look like she's trying to hide something.

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