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January 28, 2012



I tried really hard to watch this show but I just couldn't do it. The HWof...series look like Masterpiece Theater compared to it.


This beast has quite the rap sheet for selling coke..


What is this ladies nationality - I just can't place it....(?)


My Mom would pronounce her... "Vulgar" :)
Lips by Dr. Seuss?

Keep up the laugh-out-loud posts ~ I look forward to each & every one.


I too am obsessed with Big Ang. Now Mob Wives is doing an aftershow (which mirrors WWHL with Andy Cohen.
If you go to 7:20 Big Ang comes on the show.

Also here are pics of Big Ang (pre-op):,r:22,s:9&tx=37&ty=70 and

(I hope I didnt commit a faux pax by linking to other website. I apologize if I offended u)

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