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January 14, 2012



I die with laughter everytime I look at Ken's face- both in illustration and on the show. Bravo to you sir in capturing his creepy drunken buzzard face- looking on Kim as his tasty rat-faced treat. Would you ever do an illustration of the fat lady on dance Moms?

cher SF GIRL

LOL, HILARIOUS, so talented (great capture)!


great picture, stop getting sick!


Luv your "spot on captures" of these characters!!!
Sorry you are feeling un-well. ; (
my 1st defense is to mix 1/4 tsp. of "powdered" vit C. (from health food store) with water, then 3x more thruout day. I repeat until feeling better. Hope you are soon up and back to pen & paper.

cosmetic surgery

Awesome illustration! you are definitely talented. I wish I have a creative hand like yours. Sorry that you're feelin unwell. get well soon!


Love your drawings and ur take on life!
and, I hope you feel better soon!!


I want to know what they are on too, that is some strong shit. That picture just killed me! LMFAO


Ever notice how alcoholics are totally delusional?

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