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January 02, 2012



Never found an illustration sexy til now...look at those lips! Good job! Even The Maloof should be jelly! :)


Yeah his drawing is a hell of alot sexier then this flaming fashion nit wit is, do we really need another show like THIS.


The women pictures are always spot on- the good, the bad, the ugly- but if there is a gay guy on a Bravo show, he is drawn like a personally selected profile pic for Facebook. Love the recaps, just sayin...

Your blogger

Hi Stormi,
I appreciate your message as I welcome ALL feedback. Not sure how long you've been a reader of my blog, but let me assure you that I don't just draw gay guys from bravo in an idyllic manner while rendering reality TV women horribly. The very first posting I did on The Rachel Zoe Project back in 2008 has a sketch of Brad that's basically the exact opposite of the above image which can be seen here: Also, back when Project Runway was on Bravo I drew Blayne in the exact same way I've drawn Vicki countless times which can be seen here: And Suede from Project Runway here: And recently I drew Joshua from Project Runway now on Lifetime in not exactly the most beautiful way here: These are all gay reality TV guys which received the same sort of renderings that those Real Housewives have gotten.
The very first drawing of Vicki Gunvalson back in 2007 was more of an accident than anything. I stumbled across The RHOOC and Vicki was in a confessional scene so I hit pause on my tivo, did a 5 minute sketch, and that's how all this started. Recently I've been spending more time by coloring the images but the feel is the same. I've drawn Simon from NYC, Joe Giudice, and Jim Bellino exactly as I've drawn the ladies but I focus more on the women because they are the focus of the show and they're typically behaving badly. Bad behavior = a badly depicted drawing on this blog. As much as I do enjoy creating those crazy images, I also like drawing people in a nice style. Yin and yang. A recent example of a female I drew in a loving style was Anya, this year's Project Runway winner which can be seen here: Fortunately I get work from this blog and I like to be able to show a range of styles.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


I never thought Brad was sexy. Until now. Great job!


I've been a fan of your website and a regular visitor for probably 3 years now. I didn't say you made women ugly- I said that I think you portray then dead on- "the good, the bad, AND the ugly". It shouldn't be a surprise that you do portray gay gays from Bravo as their idylic selves- most are good looking guys but then again most of the women are good looking women but you find a way to portray them in a more real light . As stated by people on this comment thread about how Brad wasn't ever sexy until this picture. This is a sexy picture. If I was Brad, I would flip over this picture, as it is an awesome portrait. But these men of Bravo are no match up for your sketches in real life. Well except Joshua McKinnley (sp?), who is that pretty on TV and I would reason to guess in real life also-- but I think his attitude lessened his beautifulness for me. Anyway, I digress. I didn't mean to offend you-- as I am a big fan. Just calling a spade a spade on a trend I noticed. My apologies.


Beth honey's he not this is David being polite and making him look like something other then the cover boy for a new gay porn site called "Nerd Twinks" this is one queen I would not want to see naked or even under wear even.

Hey DG Stormie is right, your drawings of Juicy Joe Gudice got me hard and caused me to nut myself without even touching myself.

lol!!!! happy new year...


This dude is a doll!!!


Nice & crisp.
On the color illustration, Brad's eye area is extra-special. How the heck do you do that? I hope you make TONS of $$$$

Bob H

Love this so much I kissed the screen. (Not really).

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