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January 04, 2012



Gilmore, you have read my mind once again! My girls and I were just discussing her over lunch yesterday and I said, "I can't wait to see my Gilmore's rendering of her in black and white." OMG,is she a vision or what? And her shy little giggle is beyond's like Donatella Versace and Gene Simmons have a love child!

Smooches (with Ang's big ole lips),


is it real?

Jen Gary-Baker

Big Ang is just begging to be immortalized by you! Those lips, those boobs - I mean I can't really get beyond those two (I mean four things) - her nose is so tiny in comparison, certainly she's had that done as well.

I don't watch this show but maybe I should!

Have a great day!

Jen in PA

Kristin Walter

she laughs like herman munster!!


Love this show & "Big Ang"....keep it up Mob Wives!!


Coreen your into drag queens too???

uri finklestein

who's tougher?? nicole bass or big ang??

Stu Gotz

Big Ang lol. More like tranni ang


Please get her off the show,it!s to sad to watch her.

Diana Vega

I love Big Ang! I want to hear more about her story from her LIPS.
She knows what's important and that's Friendship and Birthday Cake. I think the ladies could learn a few lessons from her. Not to mention the fans. The first time I saw and heard her I wanted more.

Borg Queen

I love Big Ang too. I love her attitude and her laugh. She is definitely bigger than life. I swore she was a drag queen but she was born a woman. I will wore Mob Wives just for her.


I can't tear my eyes off those bosoms :~D


she definitly tucks it


when i saw her, i instantly thought "i would love to see a sketch of her on prettyontheourside." thank you.


Rue Paul and his drag pro's need to give this beast a make over. send her to Drag U.


Check it out! Somebody tattooed your portrait of the resplendent Big Ang on their body!

jay Man

Big Ang, love ya!


strange strange strange - thats all I can ay about big ang- she needs her lips deflated


I think Big Ang is really short for Angelo. I am not convinced that this is a! It looks like she stuffed two midgets under her shirt... LOTs of silicone in there!! She does laugh like Herman Munster lmao!!


please do the rest of the cast...Awesome!!!! Love Dreta


Can I buy this and use it for cover-art for my future band's debut LP?


I was beautiful forty years ago and Big Any reflects many women who ,hit the wall by today's standards.Ang love your clothes and attitude.Thank you for showing how to go on. Luv ya, holla back:-)
Keep teaching us who are looking to you for real 'real' life, including health.

Joansie p.s.
I bet you have a pain near your back bra strap..its really your lungs and not a backache. The pain stops
when you stop smoking.

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