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November 29, 2011



I DIED of laughter when poor Mama Joyce saw the stripper she was so pissed off!!!! Even Kandi said she was not used to hearing her mom curse like she was... I don't think the venue was appropriate for a stripper like ridiculous... But Kandi didn't know about Phaedra's surprise. She couldn't warn her mom about the stripper... Anyways I love your blog and look forward to reading it!!!


From day one, I wondered how the hell she can afford to build a mansion if she couldn't even afford the Astin Martin she bought last season (or was it Bentley? I don't know).There is some speculation that the Chateau Sheree is just for the show, for her to have a storyline. Nene has claimed that the house was never built. F

I wish Bravo would answer my prayers and give Phaedra her own show. She is a GEM.


David, how could you not mention Miss Lawrence and Derek J at Kandi's birthday party? Derek J has a shoe collection to die for! Plus he can walk in those heels better than I ever could...LOL Lawrence parading as "Mr. T dipped in Wonder Woman" nearly brought me to my knees. He had so much going on that I wasn't even sure where I was supposed to look first! Miss Joyce really lost her religion when she saw RiDICKulous do his thing...and I mean that literally. Her reaction mirrored half of the party attendees. Some of the "minor players" at the party are probably still in shock. And NeNe had nerve to leave the party??? She was a stripper in her past life so I'm sure she saw some things even worse than that.

I knew you were going to write an excellent blog for this week's didn't disappoint, as usual! Love ya!


David: I believe the striper's name is spelled "RiDICKulous", for the emphasis:):$:)


So glad you're back, love the blog!


I think nene should have brought her other friend on the show, the louder one that is always with her...but I do like peter, so its ok. More peter less ridickulous. All I thought was ...that guy is ugly, what the hell is on his face.? Poor mama joyce...she is so cute when she is mad.


OMG I loved how you summed up the Sheree Chateau bullshit storyline - especially the pink-eye Ikea comment. Did you hear the freeway traffic noises in the background? I think they were filming at the location of Atlanta's newest rest stop.

I LOVED Mama Joyce's reaction to RiDICKulous - she summed up the whole Atlanta franchise in one sentence. That shit is fucked up. It's kind of like listening to my husband complain when I watch the show - "why didn't you tell me this was going to happen so I could leave the room??!!"

Love you David - hope you had a great Thanksgiving.


Love the re-cap of this episode. I wanted to pass along a site that I've heard about recently that dishes the housewives. You might have heard of This website says that Sheree's house hasn't even begun construction. It's still an empty lot!! It also says that the lot is in her mother's name and what she paid for the land, etc.... Hope you enjoy!!


OMG Mama Joyce's reaction was funny and I had a problem with Andy on WWHL alluding that Mama Joyce was a hypocrite. A stripper is one thing. Ridickulous is another

Here is a pic of Ridikulous' appendage. WARNING!! its graphic.

Gilmore I agree with you. Its the quality not the quantity thats important.

Pamela Woodson

DANG! An episode full of Donkey booties AND a Donkey dick thrown in(for good measure?)! I have been laughing about your comment "a dick so long, you could stick i in your ear" for two days now!


"Pink eye pit..."


Like I said on another blog, Mama Joyce was pissed off as was Neigh Neigh because Redickulous sucked himself off and didn't off Neigh or Mama Joyce that pleasure.

You know that's one horny old bitch!


You are amazing I love the Kandi contry look !

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