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November 19, 2011


Maureen Guy Drescher

Love, love, love it!!

Cheryl Walker

The dolls are a HOOT!!

Oh how fearful I am of leaving my personal info anywhere JUST to leave a comment.
But sometimes, you just get filled with so much you NEED to share with the poster..
This, is one of those times.
Your love of absuridity, your fine tuned micro expression pick up, your dry wit (yes, I know, my tougue is lapping furiously at your, ahem...
BUT! not without damn good reason.
Your renderings and humor make me so very very happy and are so well tuned that it just makes me thrilled that there is someone out there who can draw what I picture when I watch them, yes, as facinated as you possibly even.
I just gotta say, and in the obnoxious way that others have claimed they love me, I love you more than anyone!
I am in awe of your talent and abilty to grab (and the knowingness to "pause" on an expression) and actually put it on paper so fucking beautifully.
You just make me happy, your work makes me happy.
I must make more money this year so that I can (if you would agree of course) to commision you to execute an idea I have wanted to do, but lack the talent, forever.
And that is to take all of the uncomfortable, caught off guard photos of my dearest friends and put them to canvas,
Anyway, your humor gives me hope.
Only one thing.... what was your relationship w/ your mother like?
Because you clearly dezspise women or at best, think they are disgusting (please dont take this wrong) most of your men have a smoothness, but GOD help you if you are a woman!
However, the women you draw are clearly asking for it!
MMMMMMM, I just love your work!

Oh I shudder, there is no edit and I wrote a post with so many type o's that I wish I could fix.

Btw, before the internet and blogging got so snazzy...
I had a blog too.
It was called simply Supertanshemale.
The old (innocent of todays "current self conscious" version of irony came about...
Can I just say? as much as I know I should, I hate fucking Portlandia and all other forms of mainstream irony?
It cannot compare to the real thing and you my boy, have got it.

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