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October 18, 2011



Why does Teresa feel she needs to end every sentence with bi&*h? It amazes me, same with the Brandi on RHOBH. Doesn't improve your image any, really.


the reunion was pretty annoying all they seem to talk about is Teresa.. and I can't stop staring at Teresa's crazy short forehead..


Omg! You are back! With all these new posts. Yay! You have so many fans that do drive-by's- I bet you'll be shocked at how much you've been missed!

marti guelcher

Carolyn HERSELF called T. the Lucille Ball of Franklin Heights back in one of her blogs in 2009 - right there in black and white -- said she was hilarioius and she "LOVED LOVED LOVED" T and her family.
That is what T. was referring to - no fan of hers or Carolines, but let's at least be fair and know our facts.


As a Jersey girl, please please please please do NOT think THIS show (or "Jersey Shore") reflects the real people of Jersey. I live about 20 minutes from Caroline, Jacqu., etc but nobody I know sounds like that. Most of what people think is Jersey is really Staten Island/Long Island...truly.
And I've never flipped a table either.

I guess Teresa is the new Danielle-villess this season? I wonder if Danielle was steepling her fingers and eyebrow arched to her hairline after that OK Corral reunion...


Milania is the true star of RHNJ. As soon as she yelled, "Give me some pizza, you old troll" to her father, Li'l Joe Judeechay, I was a fan.

Milania, you are a born diva.
Never change.


Agreed. Their "Jersey" looks nothing like the lovely, rural, abundant place where I live! I swear, it's a different country.


Teresa, ever consider plastic surgery to fix your forehead? You resemble a cave woman.


Actually, TreApe's forehead looks higher. I'm thinking she had some laser hair removal or threading. There's a suspicious lighter strip along the hairline. Nothing will make that beast look better, except, perhaps- a good ole fashioned double brown bag

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