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October 25, 2011



Oh David, finally an old-fashioned full-blown blogpost by you are RH!! Hey, what do you think about that horrendous blouse Kim wears in her confessionals? Looks like it was made for a 95 year old (gotta be careful cuz my mom is 83 & she wouldnt wear that). But...I'm pulling for Kim cuz of her substance abuse issues. Having dealt w/the like, I'm in her corner-on the sobriety topic.
That said, those Richards sisters are stuck-up bitches! I didn't like Brandi at first, but I absolutely *heart* her now! Just the fact that she's going to things to show those bitches she won't be bullied-good for her! And I love how Kim called her every name in the book, yet referred to her as, and I quote "B-I-T-C-H" - what a damn hypocrite Kim is.
Regarding RHONJ, you are so right on about Teresa. Here Jill Zarin has been dubbed "most hated housewife" but I think Teresa may be coming up from behind! (no pun intended)Season 4 is the one they're filming now, and I've read a rumor that Caroline & Jacqueline are possibly gonna be axed after that. Jacqueline, understandably. Caroline? Bravo would be making a HUGE mistake.
Someone on Twitter took some still shots of the reunion & there was 1 photo of Teresa that I'd love for you to draw. If only I could think of who it is that posted them. Ugh. BTW, do you not have a Twitter account? I can't find it anywhere on your site.
Loved this post & the drawings!


OOOOOOOkay, just read my posted comment & the 1st sentence reads like I was drunk typing. I'm not drunk, it's only 1:26 in the afternoon!! LOL (besides I don't drink)


I definitely have noticed Kyle's voice. I think that her clothes and accessories often resemble Paris' as well. Ha! Brandi could never claim to have influenced one of the most famous skanks in the world. No wonder Kyle is so full of herself :)


Who can guess what kind of meds kim is on? Some kind of anti-depressant, right? Crystal meth was a terrible guess on Brandi's part. None of this set want to stay up for three days drinking, snorting crank and riding harleys. Well, maybe Camille in a past life....

Kim was a sad, pathetic case last season, but now, with a doctor's help, she really has done a good job of covering up that child actor insecurity and projecting bitchiness.

Hope the meds dont run out.
And there is no tolerance problem.


Hilarious post! But ease up on Lisa. She's the only one on that show that has ANY manners or sense.


You are always soooo spot-on with both your illustrations and your commentary about these awful bitches (who I also just love to watch and listen to)... Seriously, just can't get enough of your take on all of these shows and your genius artwork! Thanks for just being you!


The only thing I have to say is that Kim and Kyle are two bullies. Kim DID start the whole "feud" by saying, "I don't want her on my team."

That was nasty on her part. And another thing, why did the sister's fly off the handle when Brandi said Kim was on drugs? Touch a bit on the truth there? Either Kim is REALLY stupid, or she is on something that can take down a horse!

I love that you say Kyle has that baby stripper voice like Paris. I hate that too!!


My Momma always used to say that money can't buy class and after watching 'The Housewives' it's easy to see what she meant.

The best thing about Bravo is that dude Andy and I loved it when he gave David a little recognition! My daughter turned me on to 'Pretty On The Outside' when the 'Housewives of NY' first aired and from there I tuned into Bravo and am a fan due to you David!!! Keep up the awesome work as you are the reason some of us even watch Bravo!


Hi David, as always, you are SPOT on with your recap and drawings! I LOVE LOVE LOVE coming here and seeing a new post from you!

P.S. Like Stacie above, I only started watching the "Housewives" series AFTER seeing you comment so much on them! I am a FAN of BRAVO because of you!

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Why are they so mean to brandi? Is it because she seems like she is poor & trashy? I think that must be it. It just looks like the one with the most money wins on that show. They should be a little more sympathic, they feel bad for camille but make fun of brandi. Didn't they both lose their husbands? I just don't see brandi being part of that group. She seems too young to roll with that group...does she even need plastic surgery? What in the world is she doing there?

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