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October 10, 2011



When I seed you had just put a post up with more lovely art, I was so happy!


I love that you were Andy's Mazel tonight! Mazel! And congrats!


lol by the way i was trying to figure out what the hell melissa was talking about and i thought to myself that MAYBE she was saying that it was an A, B fight and she C'd herself out of it. i KNOW i am giving her WAY too much credit but it's the only thing i could think of lol :/


OMG!!! Andy Cohen just gave you the mazel of the week on Watch What Happens Live!!! Congrats!! I am so excited for you!!! So well deserved!! Love you!


R u serious?! Melissa ment... C'd as in "This is an AB conversation so C your way out". She C'd her way out of that Convo.......DUH!


I bet, Teresa is going to want a copy of your painting of her as Lucy, she can hang it next to the portrait of her family

can you do one of Milania LOL???

Linda G.

Yes, I agree w/ Bryan, do one of Milania!! Congrats on the mazel! I wasn't going to watch that episode, but since he mentioned you, I'll watch it! "Love love love" the drawings!


I didn't like Melissa & Joe in the beginning either but now they are my favorites...speaking of favorites I am so ready for Atlanta, I can't wait!!!


On one of the early episodes, Melissa (or Joey speaking of the time he met Melissa) said that she was studying to be a teacher when she met her future husband. Thank God she met and married this dude, otherwise our kids would have ended up being taught by this moron.

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