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October 28, 2011


chef biatch

I was so pissed Anya won. Her collection reminded me of Uli Herzner but Uli did it better.

As much as I adored Josh,Victor should have won. I cannot believe the judges could find anything to bitch about.

Kimberly's collection was just awful.

Oh well, guess I will just have to hope Mondo wins Project Runway All-Stars and be content.

organic lipstick

I alwyas love watching this show to see what creative minds are thinking about in terms of fashion and design. I am not fashion oriented and never know what is in style


I agree Chef Biatch. I thought the same thing, I've seen this from Uli (but with more attention to detail, design and purpose). This has to be the biggest upset this show has ever seen. How can a collection win if it does not show variety (not to mention, the fact that she made half the pieces the day before and none had sleeves)! Six looks had the same neckline!

Uggh, hands down Victor should have won, with Josh in 2nd place.


as always, it is a popularity contest. It has nothing to do with skills and vision. it's about voting for the underdog, the new face and the likable one.It's a cultural phenomena, at work, it is no longer who is the best worker but was is liked by the most.Kimberky did some amazing pieces all through the season ( at the exeption of one). she was the most consistent, but the audience never noticed her because she was plain and humble and did not look like waht they think a designer should look like.


Bye bye project runway....I refuse to sit through another season to watch so called "experts" show that they have no idea what a designer is supposed to be and just turn it into a popularity contest!.....pathetic!


Ugh . . . Disappointing outcome! The judges were dazzled by Anya's cool look and personality, and blinded by her lack of variety, originality and talent.

Alaina Jhonson

The model is very cool and sexy. A lot love to watch this show including me of course. Since I love fashion.Watching fashion show makes me happy everyday.Thanks for this post.

Abby@moncler pas chere

The last picture is too sexy, and as a woman I saw on the envy, jealousy, hate:)


Can't believe I'm saying this -- but I wish the show were back on Bravo. It's become more of a character show than a design show -- and I think the producers have a lot more say-so in selecting the winner than is thought.


Sketch of Anya? Or of Lisa Wu Hartwell...?:)


Well, I liked Victors stuff but when I saw all the see through stuff I knew he wouldn't win...doesn't everyone know that michael hates that...? I liked joshuas too but when I saw anyas collection I was in awe. I loved everything and wanted it all, it was the best to me personally. I just felt something when I saw her collection. I didn't think she would win with so little experience but I was overjoyed she won..she can pick up where chloe left off on qvc. Lol. they will eat that up. I can see her making wonderful caftains and moomoos because qvc will have to have sleeves. As for kims stuff..I was underwhelmed.

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