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October 16, 2011



lol too funny with little joe riding on top. cant wait to hear your thoughts on the reunion! i think its gonna be pretty good


Man, you got Joe down to a T! I was surprised in previews that she goes after Caroline. I only wish Jacqueline would have shown up for the reunion - kinda pisses me off, not that she brings anything to the table, really. I would like to see her buttons getting pushed though & for her to go off, so after 3 seasons we can finally see the real Jacqueline.
Great illustration! Love the hairy arms, and very low hairline. :)

dragon girl

She is beyond stoopid... her daughters are drawn into her bullsh*t all the time so, her as a bull is fitting.


That red dress comment was so stupid, so old italian no not just Italian its Sicilian.


Perfection! That's the exact look she gave Melissa in their fight.

Abby@moncler pas chere

Funny pictures


WOW! So pitch perfect picture of the ragin' bull Teresa. I had to show my mom-- who also thought it was a brilliant portrail. We have come to the conclusion that Teresa is on diet pills. Had a friend on that Presciption Crack. She got skinny but also got crazy. I see shades of her in Teresa and it's getting worse. Better to be fat and happy than a skinny b_tch. Word.

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