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October 12, 2011


Amanda Blake

Abso-frickin-lutely brilliant - well done!! Have been reading your site for years and its all because of your Housewives drawings that I started watching online. After ploughing through OC, Miami, DC and Beverly Hills, I finally succombed and got stuck into NY, although have left out Atlanta and NJ for some reason. I also co-ordinated my viewings with reading your posts to get the full-on technicolour effect. I've even discovered a site online and I now watch episode the day after they air in the US - yesssss!!!!

Thank you for introducing these women into my life - there's nothing like the welcome distraction of trash tv at certain times. I've even just watched a re-run on TV (in UK!) of where Kelly flips out on vacay.

Anyway, well flippin' done again Gilmore - your talent and humour is ace and I love reading your blog. Betchoo any money you're gonna be on 'Watch What Happens' with Andy at some point soon... although I can't find anywhere that streams that, boo.

Mucho love and congratulations!! Amanda x

Amanda Blake

Duuurrr - just read RHOBH post and realise you've already been on 'Watch What Happens' with Andy. You're already on your way..!!


Congratulations. I was screaming so loud when Andy mentioned you and your website that I didnt even see which of your drawings he was talking about.

It must be a great feeling to have your work NATIONALLY mentioned. Congratulations again.

(if you come to NY, i want to buy you a drink.)


you've been in my RSS feed for quite some time now and I look forward to seeing your blog pop up in the morning. My only complaint might be that you don't post often enough. :)
Bravo!! Fabulous Gilmore!! I am so thrilled that you're getting national recognition. It's so well deserved and overdue. (I've sent links to Andy on twitter,but it was some time ago). Mazel Tov!


I don't even know you, but I was so proud for you! I knew they were yours before I even heard Andy say your name or the blog. Congrats! It's all due to your talent and hard work


WOW!....I took a look on and your work looks right at home there. What a nice surprize from Bravo-a good one for once.


As Vicki would say "Woo hoo!!!!"

Simon Rockwood

I screamed too! So happy for you. WOOOO HOOOO! Cheers and Mazel!


SO SO thrilled. Now if Andy Cohen invites you to the Bravo Clubhouse, please take me!
We are long overdue for catching up...lets meet up soon?

Thrilled for you!! Well deserved!!


ah this is so exciting! finally bravo recognizes your amazing talents I thought andy would have after tamra mentioned you on wwhl and they showed your painting on oc housewives..but better late than never! cant wait to see what else is to come!


Congrats David! I knew you would be famous. Does this mean youre a "Bravolebrity" now? haha :)


It's about time! Your take on the Housewives has always been original, smart and above all - very funny. Congrats!

OH, and I totally agree with every word you said about RZ above. Thank you for giving my pain a voice. xxoo

Jen Gary-Baker

So happy that you're finally getting your props!

Much love from MD...



David - So happy for your success with this! I hope it leads to even more opportunities for you. You are inspiring - the living example of "do what you love and it will pay off." Mazel!


Over the moon whn andy gave you shout out! He is late to the game, have enjoyed your "work of art" since i found you a while ago. Luv when talent gets its props & Bravo working with "bloggers"....huge. Glad it was you. Didn't know I could be so happy for a stranger. I am a lover of good art in any medium. I know time is an issue for you I hope this venture results in more time for your site. Are you thinking about customized renderings? Would love to gift my daughter a piece with her favorite housewife & more than willing to pay for it. Mazel X10


Like I said before, GOOD its about time!


I am sooo happy for you. You are insightful, funny and incredibly talented. I have been reading your blog since the crazy Gretchen/Jay mess when I stumbled upon your website and have been a loyal follower ever since. Congrats on the long over due recognition. Everytime I read your blog I laugh. You brighten my day. Thank you!

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