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June 30, 2011


Sharon S

Forget those housewives, these funny life experiences are more entertaining. Thank you for sharing.


You are a really good writer. I enjoy reading about your "normal" life experiences ALMOST as much as the housewives :) I've also heard good things about acupuncture, although I hope I don't ever have to find out for myself.

Please don't take anymore long vacations!


Wow! Did this recent procedure get rid of the pain and do those marks hurt?
I had the same experience with a Chiro & after he told me I'd have to be going for about a year, I thought best to leave well enough alone.
I've never heard of cupping, but so far, it sounds like it's working for you.


OMG! Reminds me of my teenage make-out sessions ;~*


Ouch, that smarts!

I'm not sure I have it in me to try that but I appreciate you sharing it with us! Will you be trying it again in the future do you think? Does it hurt to the touch - I'm intrigued.

Till next time, put some ointment on that, it looks angry!



Oh my god! That is terrible!



I suffer from chronic pain issues, some of them brought on by multiple incidences where I was the "butt" of some rear-end collisions. One of the therapies I have tried which I swear by is rolfing. It is something like deep tissue massage but more intense. I can't say it is pleasant to experience but I can wholeheartedly recommend it for the long-term relief I've gotten from pain. In conjunction with physical therapy, accupuncture and pain-killing meds (pharmaceutical AND medical marijuana) my middle-age has been far more doable than if I had to do it on my own.

I wish you the best of luck while you seek treatment for your pain. And all my sympathy too.

Linda G.

Wow, you have my sympathies, I can't believe how your back looks! I hope after all this you have some relief from your pain and your back looks a lot better! Thanks for sharing, I know you're in pain, but it is entertaining to read about. Have a happy 4th!


Wow, I don't know about the cupping thing, it looks painful. I hope it relieved you of your back pain though. I love how you describe your 1st trip to an Acupuncturist, love the detail. I've been to an Acupuncturist a few times and it did wonders for me, but I do remember my 1st visit, it was VERY simular to yours. These place are always in some seedy, worn down strip center and I often wonder if these (some of these) "Acupunture" places are a front for prostitution (table massage, happy-ending). :)


Holy crap. I see some disturbing art in your future!

sidenote: I was hit by a truck while walking across the street a few years back. Totally damaged every part of my body except my left foot, I think. With massage therapy, I was able to sit/stand/lie down again without pain. I never tried acupuncture, but I'm sure it would have helped just as good too.


um, that doesn't look right at all, I would sue if I were you!


Ouch. Hope you feel better.


Wow, didn't Gwyenth Paltrow get photographed with cupping marks? She's got nothing on you. :) Hope you are feeling better!


Ouch! I hope that is not as painful as it looks! Feel better!


I've had cupping before and I didn't end up looking ANYTHING like that. You'ld maybe have some you were hugged by an ocotopus. You look like you were attacked by a toothless vampire boo.


I have had lower back and neck pain off and on for the past twenty years. The only thing that cures it is daily exercise. I do zumba and weight lifting and toning on a rotation. When something acute happens I sleep on a heating pad and take ibuprofen. Basic, but it works.


Ouch! That last pic made me shudder, but I'm happy to hear you're feeling better.


Hope you feel better.

Winston Torr

ha David!!!!!!!! glad you feel better... looked like tattoes i thought at first!... i liked the streak down your back... those cupping circles are narly but the streak alone would have done it for me!... i've never tried this, but have heard it does wonders... good ancient Chinese technique...:)


Sexy ;)


Weird marks aside, you're a sexy one, Mr. Gilmore :)


Please! No more cupping! It's crap. Those marks are not from "toxins". they are bruises caused by the suction of blood into the skin.
You seem much too smart to fall for these "ancient Chinese remedies".


If something like 'cupping' helps patients who are in pain then they are not 'crap'.
There are many people in the world who live with chronic pain and will try just about anything to stop the constant screams from their bodies
Massage may work for some, Accupuncture, accupressure for others and even touch therapy helps others.
Crap only comes from remedies that are proven to either do nothing or harm individuals.
The treatment for pain are far and wide and vary with each person.
I am happy that Gilmore found relief as I have been searching for something other than beheading to rid myself of my pain.

Im happy it did work and I am also happy that you found a practioner that told you the way it was!
Good luck David and I hope you remain Pain free!

doan bao loc

you can send the clip cupping for me.

Greg Dolence

OMG! That is awful! I don't want to try that ever!



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