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March 01, 2011


Pam Woodson

David, you actually made her look better!

to true

christy what a biotch you go to a fund raiser for children & don't give any money.
how sick is that!!!!!!!!! she don't impress me much!!


She is not just a witch, she is the Undead!!!!

Oh please that cuba trick Christy a true peasant, nail her Lea!!!!


You definitely made her better looking. Her face has no definition. You dont see where her chin, cheeks, eye area seperate. Terrible surgery. You would think her daughter Marysol would shy away from surgery after seeing her mother's face. But I guess Elsa has a face that only a daughter could love.

I dislike Christy so much. I loved when Lea Black called in, cut Christy down and then hung up. My favorite line ever "Christy worked the room like $1000 whore". LOL.

I liked Larsa at first but her comment about loving to fire people made me dislike her.

I didnt like Alexia at first but I liked her comment when she said that Christy and Larsa had nerve to tell Adriana to dump the boyfriend b/c he didnt respond to her request to pick her up her child quick enough. I agree that Adriana is probably with her boyfriend b.c he houses her in a beautiful home.


She reminds me of the Snickers Halloween lady.


Yeah, I think the sparkles coming outta her eyes add a youthful, fairy Tinkerbell like quality. Rather than a telemundo/passions bruja quality. Not that that's what I think of her. Because if she reads this and I wake up with a horsehead in my bed and a broken back, I'm not gonna wonder who did it. Beautiful draw-ring, as always!

I'm ashamed I love this show

Woah woah woah.. what is with all of the bile and bitch flying towards the vision of glamor known as Elisa Patton? I will not hear of it!

This elegant flower combines all of the things I find beautiful in this world:
1) A devil-may-care attitude towards color and pattern. Wear it big, wear it bold or get your broke ass home, our Elisa says.
2) The girl has not seen a plastic surgery she doesn't like. If it can be injected, plumped or removed, Elisa is scheduled for surgery.
3) She's so rich, old and over it she does not give two chi chi's what comes out of her mouth. She's just as likely to say 'you look fffaaaabulous' as she is to say 'your ass looks like two throw pillows fighting' (takes a sip of buttery chardonnay)

I'm not going to spend allot of Tivo time on this one because my OC gals are back in effect as of Sunday (no calls, please).


I think she used the same surgeon as Priscilla Prestly. This was not on purpose. Marysol hinted at it during watch what happens live. They should kick her off and put the momma on! Bitch only had 3 lines and she's my favorite house wife of all time. Second to phaedra. "mmmhmmm"


Love when you do color photos. They have so much more personality. Love it!

mabel harri

****Miami hates Alexa******
she has just made herself an enemy of Miami by saying the Hialeah people are 'lower'. HER HUSBAND IS FROM HIALEAH!!!!!!!!!!! He is a former Hialeah City Council Member, and former Chairman of the Hialeah Chamber of Commerce.

I am from Miami and lived in Hialeah, it is not 'lower', it's property values are less expensive and the population is all latinos but that does NOT mean they are 'lower.' Of course there are some lower class people just like in any city.

In fact, Coral Gables/coconut groove, where Alexa lives does in fact have more 'lower' because it has one of the most dangerous/violent areas in Miami, this where you hear about tourists being robbed and shot. Extremely dangerous. Hialeah has no dangerous areas, just poorer areas.

I am willing to bet she has lost every Hialeah subscriber. Alexa, you talk too much, shut your big mouth.




I say that ALL the time now. Merely THINKING it will send me into a laughing spell.


High class hookers have their own show now.

The Elephant Man

Dr Frankenstein would run for the hills at the sight of this creature.

Hell Jason and Freddy Krueger would be scared to death.

I think we've found the cure for Charlie Sheen's behavior. She'd straighten his act up post haste.


I really really really wished I liked one of these characters enough to buy one of your pieces :~)

Janet Maugham

I think Elsa, unfortunately, has had a lot of bad reconstructive surgery. Marysol, her daughter, denies that SHE personally has had surgery and that she just has Botox. First of all, her lips are filled and look very unnatural due to the the elongated space between tip of nose and top of lips. It is normal for this space to grow bigger as we age, as our lips become atrophied. Her lip enhancement draws attention to the space, in her case.


Susan, remember that surgeon that was using some crazy filler. It destroyed Priscilla presleys face. Its not implants but a filler that was not approved by the FDA. I believe it was same material found in TIRES. LOL

Pam D

Ugh. Marysol was pretty beFORE. Now she looks like a bit younger version of her mom. Can't they fix that face? It' hard to look at Bravo, and Marysol - whatever you did or are doing - STOP.


We should all live our lives with the zest that Elsa does. You leave in the middle of the night your country, your family and all your wealth be big or small. And then you sit back and have an opinion. She is rich enough and old enough to do whatever she wants to do. And by the way she has the support of half the United States right now. The other housewives look like Mr. Rogers, compare to the hilarious and flat out great showmanship of this lady


This is the kind of filth that should be banned from tv. You people are the ones encouraging this nonsense. Have you nothing better to fill your time?


This is so brilliant! You nailed the He/She Elsa look! It's sad what people do with their faces

Lilian Hulen

As a fan of cartoons, I honestly find that one excellent! The color combinations on her skin are unexplainable, yet gorgeous! Hmm, in my opinion, her hair should've been a bit more blonde. But that's a nice work of art. :)

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