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February 22, 2011



The book sounds great!


I was thinking that this would make a great screen-play 'till you mentioned a sequel.
This would really make a good HBO series.
I can't get enough of Phaedra! And I've been seriously hoping that someone will hire Sheree to act.
With Phaedra in the funeral-home business, I can definitely picture her with zombies.
There was a recipe to make your own zombies in the old Whole Earth Catalog-(I think) that haunts me more than scary movies, but this sounds really fun.


OK Gilmore-just wanted to let you know that you are responsible for my very first purchase of an Amazon for Kindle on my PC, book.
I'm slightly nervous that Amazon will now profile me towards gay-porn for eternity, so I hesitated before biting the bullet, but I dare anyone to read the sample chapter one for free and try to walk-away from those characters.
Plus it was only $6.99! So,seriously thank-you for recommending it.


I recently watched "Resident Evil Apocalypse". Thats my kind of zombie movie, you can keep those zombies with southern white trash and zombies with nerds geeks, I like my Zombies being taken out with total BAD ASSERY by a chick who knows how to use two sawed off shot guns strapped to her back among various other automatic weapons.


I hit the post button before I could finish, DG good luck to your friend and his book, it looks and sounds really cool, I will have to check it out. Sorry no Kindle here for me I like book to feel, and smell and taste like a book.


Definitely going to have to check this out! Thanks for sharing with us :)


Back with my report; Amazon so far is not profiling me with anything except-Stephen King! They want me to buy something called, Ur. (King's latest?)
No way will I attempt that on my PC! Zombielicious was just the right length that I could handle reading on my desktop without being physically uncomfortable.
I don't know what caused Amazon to link this author with King, but, about half-way through, I could definitely feel the influence in the pacing with the dialogue. These characters would be right at home in a King novel, although they have a tendency to kick-ass and ask questions later.
I can only hope that McGiveny is on the same prolific path, because I was left wanting MORE!


Judging from the title of this particular blog entry, I was certain THIS would be the review of the premiere of the RHO Miami.


cool, I will get this on kindle so I don't have to see that cover. That cover is embarrassing! lol

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