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February 09, 2011



I look forward to your "Things I've seen at the gym" and everything else for that matter, LOL. It's funny to hear you verbalize the things I quietly think in my mind ... love, love, love it!! Enjoy your day - thanks for starting mine out so great (I'm still laughing). :D


This is too funny "t-shirts in a color scheme selected by Freddy Krueger" hahaha
You always make my day, thank you!


Hahahaa! A creature born of the Grudge/Cousin It. I was so mentally picturing it, I laughed out loud. My fiance thinks I'm crazy :) Glad to know I'm not the only one who sees these creatures!


Love it, but seriously that is super creepy. Watch your back.


Wow that is highlarious!!!! He was into you LOL


ha ha ha ha!!! You crack me up! I love the way you changed the lbs of your weights as you told your story! Honesty man it's best policy. So I wonder if he was grinning at himself (how does he see?) or does he grin when he feels self concious? Funny!



Lol - do we go to the same gym by any chance?

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