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January 11, 2011




this post is hysterical.

Jennifer Jayhawk

Nice visual! I guess you just never know what someone might be sporting underneath that conservative suit.


This is what the uncensored version may look like.


Hey, his dinker might be the witch doctors tongue?


OK. I am using the word 'dinker' from now on. Thanks meandmia!


This has made my day. Absolute greatness. Thank you.


TOTALLY off topic BUT....I'm watching Steel Mags right now and I think you could do a side splitting capture of the "Shelby! Drink yer juice!!" scene. Not trying to be the boss of your drawrings, just a thought. All roads now lead back to your drawings for me now. It's slightly obsessive. Only slightly.


McKick, how about a drawing of Ouiza (could never figure out how to spell Weezer) in those overalls with the twigs in her hair? Or perhaps an entire Steel Series (because really, he could NOT leave out Dolly Parton, a certain muse).


ANNE!!! That's a wonderful idea, I would LOVE to see that. Ouiza in the overalls is just a mind picture in and of itself! I like the way you think!!


HAHAHAHAHA!!! You are too funny and I LOVE your posts! :)

Re: Jennifer comment....LOL~I think you're on to something! Maybe he's a BIG Sesame Street Fan!


McKick, I must confess, I have been iced in with two kids for three days. I have lost my mind, but not my love for Steel Magnolias!


Anne, I understand....I'm in Colorado where it's been sub-zero for days. My dog has kennel cough and I fear sanity departed long ago (in perfectly pleasant weather, no less). I share your love for Steel Mags. Which character are you in fantasy land? I'm not sure, I think I may be Ouiser. Which is ok. As long ad I'm not the one who buys a $500 dress and doesn't have the common decency to wear a girdle!


I lean towards Ouiser, though anyone who has nothing nice to say should come and sit with me!

Jennifer Jayhawk

Ok, since we are now talking about Steel Magnolias!

I am directionally challenged (particularly in a city I did not grow up in). I was meeting a bunch of ladies for lunch after our tennis match. I went the opposite direction of where I was supposed to be going. I pulled into a parking lot and my friend, who was following me, said "Clarise are you high"??? OMG!!! I laugh every time I think about the incident.


Jennifer, that's HILARIOUS!!!! I have a too too funny mind pic now. I always love hearing about real life Steel mags gal pal references. And Anne, be RIGHT there!


I've got a site (sight?) for you, David. Here's a link to a site where I spent hours scrolling through because, well, I just couldn't help myself.

I apologize in advance for all the time you will waste looking.

On an unrelated note ~ NOT that I'm looking for effusive thanks for a teeny-tiny measly tip ~ I was wondering if you got a tip from me from a month or so ago. It was enough to buy an average glass of red wine, but not enough to leave a tip :~D


hahaha stopp, amazing !


Always come here for the talent. Do you tap dance and sing too? I'd let you draw for me day and night. xoxoxoxoxo


But it's such a pretty tattoo in your pic! I wouldn't mind seeing Daniel Craig's face above a guy's twig and berries!


Lmfao! This dude is hardcore...
BTW, will you be posting anymore pics of Martinique? I need some fashion inspiration :)


Loved this sentence "Let me just go there...... if you're giving oral pleasure to your partner, do you want to be face to face with an angry, tribal witch doctor drawing?" ROTFLMFAO


OMGGGGGGG.....holy sh#t balls! Lmfao!! Thk you David for your wonderful sense of humor.....poor dude....probably thinks the tat gives him an edge. Thk you once again Ds avid for sharing.


I basically only came here for the Real Housewives humor. Since the vibe I get is that HW blogs will be few and far between, I doubt I will continue to visit your site.

I think you are very talented and wish you luck in everything you do.


JANE! Now you listen here, young lady, I suggest, unless you have reviewed every RH'wives entry he has listed (on EVERY SINGLE RH'wives franchise, no less), and commented with the snark, pomp and circumstance that is expected of any worthy viewer of the RH, that you summa-don-na and get with the program! Why, I got a bowel obstruction from laughing so hard at them! Now, go, go on! Read them!


Haha. But can you imagine the PAIN to get that removed. Sad how one drunken binge as a young man causes this man problems for the rest of his life. I think I'd bite the bullet and get it removed.


OMG I laughed out loud!! Thanks I needed that. Too funny!!!!!

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