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December 20, 2010


Jen Jen

Awesome again. Thank you so much Gilmore!!! I am so happy to see you are back and writing about my favorite guilty pleasure.


Camille is horrible! I almost feel sorry for her....knowing her future and all. That "Medium" chick was so smug and mean; That electronic cig made her look like a jackass. I do believe both Kim and Kyle were on Little House on The Prairie so good call! I read that Hot Mauricio (sp?) is still the real estate agent for Kelsey which really made my day. Karma Baby!!


Kim wasn't one of the blind kids, but she did play Olga, the little girl who's one leg was shorter than the other and was treated like an outcast. She only wanted to be included. Also fits. :)


Camille is getting more and more unlikeable as the season progresses. The true character of Allison Dubois was a terrible reveal. My honey is a medium & he was appalled at the way Allison behaved and wished harm on the ladies' kids so Allison would have a chance to say no to their appeals for help. Who says things like that? If Allison was such a great medium why didnt she warned her bff Camille. Then Allison threw daggers at Kyle's marriage. The only thing I was a lil surprised at was Kyle's friendship with Faye Resnick. But I guess everyone needs a 2nd chance, even Faye. I loved when Camille accused Faye of jsut coming to the party to back up Kyle but wasnt that what Camille did with Allison. She knew Allison is a raging drunk who loves a target to flip out on. If Allison was a true medium wouldnt she have been able to fortell that the party would be a disaster and thus not attend. I hate to say this but I can kinda of see why Kelsey left Camille. Now I hear Camille is blackmailing Kelsey with some sex tapes so she get continue to live in the way she has grown accustomed to. Its a shame when Kelsey comes out looking better than Camille.


I love how you didn't forget to add the 3 wrinkles at the very top of her forehead!! LOL


Well said!!! This weeks Bevery Hills Housewives has been by far the most entertaining episode of the season. Camille knew exactly what she was doing having that dinner party for the girls right down to that NUT BAG Allison getting drunk. I actually think that seeing the "real" Allison is actually bad for the show Medium. The garbage that she was spewing toward Kyle was just beyond trashy. Two favorite things about this weeks show were Allison sucking down her electronic cigarette like some sort of Madam at a Opium Den/Brothel and Lisa's reaction to Camille being tricked by her outgoing voicemail message. Sometimes all it takes is a look. Hysterical!!!!

BTW.......the guy that Camille is "just friends with" but looks at like she's just had a piece and wants another is an actor. Starred in Bride of Chucky and a few other things. He has to be doing this for exposure.


Yes, I'm super jeli of Camille! *cough* What about Andy on the after shows? I think you should start clocking the tea on him -that might be fun.

lady di

wow. you hit this one exactly spot on.

hilarious and soooo true.

agreed with you the whole way.
Camile is patetic and I predict (Allison style) that she will be married five more times and used for her money by younger men who don't love her. But who could?????


All I can think is that Kelsey knew what he was doing when he encouraged her to do the show. How can anyone blame him after seeing how she is. Just horrible. And I am so disappointed in Medium, wtf was she thinking?

Jennifer Jayhawk

Every time Camile opens her mouth I just cringe. I hate to say this but I'm surprised they were married as long as they were. She is so shallow and self absorbed.

Great picture! I don't think Camile will be ordering any thought :)


Ok, I'm still NOT watching these shows per your recommendation!! BUT I MISS YOUR REGULAR POSTS!! Have a merry one!!


LOVE the three wrinkles at the top of her forehead where the plastic surgeon forgot the Botox...those wrinkles have been distracting me like crazy during her confessionals. This portrait is her, down to the very last piece! 5 stars to paying attention to the little details!!!


I asked Santa for a Gilmore rendering of Allisson Medium and her electronic ciggy.


Oh, don't get me started on how awful I think Camille is. I do love it when her Jersey accent breaks out every now and again. Nothing at all against New Jersey but she seems like the type of woman who would want everyone to believe that she sprung forth from some golden cabbage leaves or something to grace us all with her luminous awesomeness.

She's gross, nuff said...


What a nice Christmas treat ~ to, without much hope in my breast, click on your link and find...

Glory Be! Not one, not two, but THREE beautifully illustrated missives! I tried to make myself read slowly, but greedily gobbled the whole lot down in a Housewife Minute.

Have a Cool Yule!


So glad you're back!! Since we're bashing on Camille.........does anyone remember that they hired a surrogate to have their kids because of her "irritable bowel syndrome"? Why do I find that so ridiculous and ironic? Maybe because she's so full of crap!? ;)


She is an irritating bowel syndrome.


I love your recaps and drawings! please do the mediumand her ciggy.. she was such a weirdo with that thing..i almost wanted to reach in the tv and take it to see what it tasted like..ahahaha

I posted a link to your blog on another blog i like to read recaps on she has a section called "other blogs you should be reading" and i posted it under the comments. I wanted to share your funny drawings and recaps.


OMG, what a self-centered ice queen bitch. No wonder Kelsey got rid of her. She is so plastic pretentious, yuk. And what is the deal with her and the young guy who is married, pathetic. Hopefully Kelsey is still using Maricio....ha! Maybe he will sell their home and make a big fat commission. Well, she stated it in the beginning of each show, " I want to make it on my own, without my husband" or something like that....ask and you shall receive biotch!! Plus, why have children if you aren't going to carry them and you hire 2 people per child to take care of them??? I'm sure that Adrienne has more money than Camille but she is with her kids and I didn't so any nannies. Pathetic. Why do all these women have such poked out, they look so fake, do they actually think this looks good? Talk about jealous, she is so jealous of kyle and her husband because he is young and hot and she has old grampa grumpus. Well, back to playboy....maybe she can be on of Hef's blond bimbo's!!!


Once I realized how " not normal " Camille was , I knew why Kelsy
talked her into doing the show. He was obviously already
involved in his affair ( which is still wrong ) but he wanted
us to see how nuts she really was. Makes his cheating on her
and leaving her seem " not so bad ".
It's wrong but I do see the point though.....wrong way to
go about it Kelsey wether she's nuts or not.

Kyle & Lisa are the 2 most level headed and normal ones , Kim
Needs help with being more dependent and Taylor and her
weird husband issues is , just weird !


Great Recap, Gilmore, thanks so much.

Horrible Camille. Lovely, enchanting, musical Lisa.

Kelsey's next ex is truly despicable but in an awesomely unaware kind of a way. You really have to hand it to her. The projection skills are first rate.

She's got a problem someone doing Playboy but she herself did it and soft core porn as well. She's got a problem with someone's marriage vows when her husband is off with a new woman himself.

Then she's black mailing him with pornos when she's already entitled to half of a large fortune.

Camille to her kids: Oh yeah, kids, ummmm, daddy's a disgusting sex pervert. Let's go to Hawaii. Shall we ask the man to heat up Daddy's hot tub or just Mommy's?

Kelsey, you did a horrible thing, but with a wife like this ...


Anybody see on TMZ that Lisa was attacked in the Polo Lounge.

So sorry Lisa, but it was Camille and you know it was. Watch your back and never let the Gigster out of your sight. You're in Kansas now.


Camille has managed to do something that almost never happens: she is the wronged party in a high profile divorce, a woman whose husband left her and her children for a pregnant mistress, and yet she has managed to become completely non-sympathetic. Everyone watching isn't thinking, "Oh, poor lady" but is instead thinking, "Jesus, how did he not leave her years ago? I hope he tells her on camera."


The three wrinkles the Botox missed..... Ha! Ha! Ha!


Of all the loathsome characters that have graced the Real Housewives series how has Camille managed to repulse me more than any other. She is vile and what nightmares are made of. Joel ... nail on the head. How did Kelsey manage to stay sober with that imbecile as a wife? No matter how beautiful you are ... it can not cancel out that horrific personality. What a manipulator and drama queen. The most self centered narcissistic person I have ever seen.

I am actually hope she doesn't sign on again ... I want to change the channel when she comes on. Unlike the other train-wreck that at times hurt to watch (Danielle) Camille actually repulses me. Her poor children.



OMG so funny ...
brilliant & the wrinkles at the hairline above the botox muahahaaa..

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