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December 09, 2010


Jennifer Jayhawk

Welcome Back!!! Not a mustache person:)


YAY! I never left ye! And it's ok with me if you don't recap every housewives show. I'm delighted to hear your fresh perspective and see your artist's take on all aspects of pop culture. V. glad to know that you're still out there doing that thing you do!


Welcome Back! You were missed :-)

Linda G.

Not a mustache fan but glad you're back!


Welcome back. I would like to see your take on James Franco in this


yea, you've been missed!
I too have been diggin' Mr. Franco AND his pornstache.

dragon girl

Ha! As if anyone of us would leave.
We like it here!!!
Love ya.


It's a Christmas miracle ... so good to hear from you! Happy Holidays!! :D


As a devout reader, I have missed you. What an excellent post to come back with! I love James Franco, and I am now totally obsessed with mustaches right now because of him!

P.S. I understand not wanting to update EVERY episode, but I have really missed your Atlanta updates. I need your take on Phaedra, stat.

Jennifer Jayhawk

We need to discuss Real Housewives Atlanta stat!!!


Glad to have you back!


Missed you so very much!

Great James Franco art - I find him to be quite dreamy myself.

Can't wait to see the body paint installment!

Happy Holidays and all that jazz!

Jen in MD

You captured him so perfectly! Although I have to admit, he does resemble a young Burt Reynolds...You know, the Burt before the he got that "I just dipped my face in burning oil" appearance. :o) Thanks for coming back, you were definitely missed!


Thanks everyone for all your nice comments! It's good being back. And Karyn, he does look a bit Burt-ish in that drawing. Funny! Maybe it's the stache?
Your blog author and artist


Yay! I thought you left for the holidaze...glad u returned! I absolutely adore James Franco!

James Franco

Hey, thought you'd be interested, found this online:

Happy New Year!

Your ONLY piece that doesn't really capture the person.
I only feel ok saying this because you are so unbelievable.
I think you like him too much too capture anything "real" but then,
I totally have to understand because he IS absolutely adorable reguardless of how overexposed, but then maybe that isn't rrue so much now.
I think his people have taken him out for awhile so he can come back
w/ a great film, anyway, it was still good!

I read that back and thought "like you need to hear from us"
you know your work is fucking sublime!

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