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November 02, 2010



-You really got Phaedra's lips down to a science. That and her squished facial features. Great illustration!
- Sheree needs to ditch the balding perv asap. He's...weird. And not in a good way.
-Nene...I adore. Her nose was fine before. I'm going to have to get used to the new one. But she's still the same old Nene. New nose or not.
- Khandi...I love too. Meat curtains. Nast. I wish I had never heard that term.
-Kim. She's getting boring to me. The Tardy for the Damn Party needs to be put to rest. Pronto.
- Cynthia. Eh. She's going to end up getting axed like Lisa and DeShawn.


I love Phaedra. We all know a Phaedra, don't we? The overly coddled child of often unjustly lauded parents who takes his or her delusions of glamour and class seamlessly into adult life.

To me, there is something mystical and almost sublime about the ability of certain people to jeté through life with their heads that far up their own asses.

I once had a boss who was also very refined and klassy from way back. Her backstory was north suburbs of Chicago debutante, but her parents were from Puerto Rico, and I was never really able to pindown how she explained that away in terms of being old Chicago money. She wore a mink stole to work every single day of the cold Chicago winters. She would hang it on the coat hook of her cubicle. I despised her at the time, but now that I'm older and wiser and perfectly comfortable in my own skin and not her employee, I kind of think I would love her.


The sugar thing seems like it would hurt. Like sand...I am not curious enough to try it out!


Sand, I was thinking that too, I guess that is why phaedra said powdered sugar but that sounds like a gooey white mess, sounds disgusting. I think I might be the only one to say it but I love Nene's new nose, I think everything she got done made her look prettier, she is a smart girl if you ask me. You go Nene with your bad self.


Maybe it's too early to tell, but I'm not sensing the closeness between Cynthia and Peter. BTW, Cynthia definately wins the award for most beautiful housewife...


Atlanta is the only cast that I can honestly say I like all the "housewives". (Especially NeNe and Kandi.) It seems like someone got a hold of Sheree and showed her the first two seasons and what a buttwipe she looked like, because she seems to have come down to earth and has become likable.

I don't know what in the hell that sugary vagina nonsense is, but as a woman, EW, and also - what's wrong with them that they think this is a good idea?? I love Kandi, but damn. That is so many kinds of wrong.

I want to hate Phaedra, but she is so out of her mind that I think I'm in love with her. I want them to show more of her and her ridiculousness every week.


Peasants all these Atlanta women Peasants!


I just saw this episode (Yes I am tardy for this party. LOL). Umm..why has no one commented on how Phaedra;s husband was suckin on those pickle. My honey (who I make watch the show with me) immediately said "Umm didnt her husband spend 6 yrs in jail?". Which made me think, Apollo was sucking on the pickle a lil too much.LOL. welcome back old Nene. She is funny as heck. Love me some Kandi too.


Pickles, Pop Rocks, Powdered Sugar ... Whatever it takes, kids. Nene is so back, I love her again.

And seriously, a doctor planning on delivering a baby at 34 weeks more than two months out? That's called malpractice. If the woman or the child are not in serious distress then you wait until you she goes into labor, period. If she is that sick at this point in her pregnancy then she should be on complete bed rest not fucking around at Cynthia's house for the cameras.

I think the baby isn't Apollo's. There's no other reason to lie like that. If you need to fudge it then you lie about the due date and then tell everyone the baby came early, you had complications.

But Phaedra needs to lie to convince Apollo because he knows for sure what they did. I suspect she blue-balled him the whole way to the altar and got her freak on with some fuck buddy. She should have stuck with the Pop Rocks blow jobs to be safe. Now she's going to be sorry.

Anyone read her blog this week over at Bravo? She'll be separated by the reunion. Trust.

Keep it coming Pickles, lovin' you.

And David, you've really outdone yourself here with Mrs. Clean. Stunning.


The ex-con did suck that pickle a long time! If you use the sugar in the summer, do you have to worry about ants? Just a thought. Loved Nene!!! No candied yams!!! She cracks me up!

Jen Key

Love Kandi, and Kim is just rediculous. Do you think her wigs give off some sort of fumes that she inhales all day between cigarettes? Phaedra, omg. Girl is a hot mess. I will never look at a pickle the same way again. Oh I saw this and thought how much David and the readers might enjoy it:


See Atlanta keeps it Hot and damn funny. Remember now on Sundays. Love you David. Drawing and blog...YOU NEVER DISAPPOINT. LOVE U. Yes NeNe is back...a little drama and some surgery to make you realize it is lonely at the top and Follywood will kick you in the snatch as soon as you put suga on it. Welcome back NeNe. SheeRay is funny as hell. Last year's "who gone check me boo" has been topped by "Bitch you don't know when yo baby due?" I love that boochiehood rat. Hilarious! Fugdra is a dayum liar and Michele and Nene are right...Apollo you are NOT the father (maybe)-Rocky Balboa is...Peter (Uncle Ben) is like every other man who cannot hold their liquor, he was drunk and talked too much and already had a chip on his shoulder about Fugdra but Nene took the bullet. Ladies, STOP TELLIN YA MAN YA GIRLFRIEND'S BUSINESS. Men gossip wayyyyy more than women. Kim gets on my nerves...either she has the sickliest kids in the world or she is just frontin and always saying she cannnot attend this or that because Brielle is sick. Get her azz some antibiotics and earn your paycheck. I think Kim and her wig will be gone next season unless she shows up for work more often. I love Khandi and her mom, but yeah the vajay jay talk TMI. I love Cynthia. Can dress her azz off and looks fabulous! Fugdra is jealous. Pickle lips.


Oh forgot little tidbit...Khandi is celebate because she is not doing any MEN at the moment. Errbody knows it, even Ms. Patti who has had her share of other things. Hey do you boo, but that is the main reason why she is all about the toys now. Plus on TMZ she had the police called on her radio talk show friend recently (who is rumoured to be her girlfriend - the pretty one with the long hair). They have the audio, etc. I will find and link it. But yeah, Khandi is an alleged switch hitter. Do ya thang boo. With all the drama she has gone through, I kinda don't blame her. Hmmmm.


Off topic, but we might need to know this:

"It is official Joe and Teresa Giudice will go on trial for alleging lying on their bankruptcy petition. The US Justice Dept. filed a complaint against the Giudice’s and it seems that all discovery is compete and the trial is set for next year, in July."

That is all. Have a great weekend.

And David loving my new print. Thanks.


Where are you? I am dying to see the recap of the most recent weeks of housewives. :-(


Just sayin'
Isn't putting sugar in your girl a sure way to get a yeast infection??

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