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October 19, 2010


Jennifer Jayhawk

That is so cool. I LOVE your nephew. Hopefully inspired pics will be arriving soon. The Country Club Plaza in Kansas City is one of the most gorgeous shopping areas anywhere! When I was recently there I asked my brother what was going in to one of the large anchor locations. He replied "Forever 21". Wow. It will be three stories and 27,000 square feet!

Kate Hollifield

Hmmm trends... I'm loving the 20's right now, ultra feminine pieces, and ocelot print shoes ;)


Mine are military jackets, leopard ballet flats, jeggings

J Sweet

Wow your nephew sounds so fun. I love that he interrogated his mom just so he could rattle off what he was thinking about.
I don't even think I am trend-aware enough to name three trends but in my personal corner of the universe I am loving the 80s boots revival, and um I can't name anymore.
Ha, sad!


military jackets,boyfriend blazers, oversized sweaters

Kim Kardashian

I'm thinking my three favorite trends are:
1. Matinique
2. Your nephew
3. Ankle boots


Yes, I can always rattle-off 3 of my favorite fashion treads...LOL!
I love your nephew, he sounds like a really gifted should be so proud :)

organic lipstick

Very cute story, and fashion like that never go out of style. hooded sweater,afterglow cosmetics, and my little girl

Angela is our baby??? Good question, Nephew! Well mine are cinched waist blazers, skinny jeans, and ankle boots! Heyyyy David!!!!!! Miss you boo...still loving the blog! Tell our nephew hello from Aunt Angela. Have a great rest of your day boo!

Ciao Bella,



I'm in bumfuck Colorado at present so the three current trends out here are: Hot Rollers, Ed Hardy and meth.

Ali G

How is your nephew? It's been a while since we've gotten an update!

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