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October 05, 2010



Gilmore have you checked out the A List on the Logo channel?? - the premiere was yesterday it would be awesome to read caps on that show...

silyrabbit aka TeamGretchen

Welcome back! The show was fab, it's gonna be a good season. So good to see everyone starting out on speaking terms, makes for more fun this way. Love Phaedra. The Nene nose thing was troubling me too, hard to keep up with. Looks like Sheree got the memo and softened her look up this season, she looks great.


You know Dwight? lol. Does he really not have a pot to piss in? That's sad. Even NeNe has a pot to piss in, and she even has furniture now! I see she's still in the same house as well. I wonder what the story is now?"
Don't know what I think about Phaedra. She's just trying too hard, what with her "Seths" and "Parkers" :) I'll hold off judging her until I see how the season progresses.

As for Cynthia aka Skinny Model, I don't think I'll like her very much. She wrote a pretty cunty blog post where she "extolled" ($5 word. don't even know if I used it correctly. lol) the virtues of foie gras and living in quaint apartments in Paris. Bitch Please!

And I'm so happy to have Kandi back. I really love her, and I hope she stays true to herself this season :)


I love your recaps. In fact, I rarely watch the show as your recaps say it all.


Welcome back I missed you so much. I absolutely adore NeNe Potato head - she is priceless.
Looking forward to the season - hope you enjoyed your break from the housewives looks like the Atlanta girls will give you plenty to write about.
Love you!


Whoa, WTF happened to NeNe's nose!!!! She looked totally like Ms Potato Head with her ears sticking out (rewatching it right now). Hate the new nose, she looked better before, still love her...keepin' it real with shady ass Duhwight. What fool would give SheRee $30K....he's lyin'. Phaedra, I mean Fakera...can you say over the top...I do believe there will be some fireworks between her and NeNe, probably some old skeletons up in that Athens GA closet just ready to bust out!! She looked afraid of when NeNe was puttin' DuHwight in his place. Glad the show is back...

Missed you guys!!!

DC is boring, can't wait for it to be done.


David, if you like that show the A list, I'm coming to find you and take away you "Gay Man's Card, It's like a nightmare in twink bar!


So funny, wasn't the first episode amazing? that's what I'm talking bout!!!! lol they are the best!


Gilmore, pls tell us what gossip you have on Dwight? Is he really a story teller? I thought he did alot to help Sheree with her show so when he mentioned he put some of his own $ into the show, I believed. Now the amount he quoted was a bit high; I just figured he added interest.

As for Nene's husband Greg, I had heard he was having $ troubles and believed that he did borrow $ from Dwight too.

Well let us know the tea on Dwight.


David-Genius recap as usual! LMAO off at your depiction of NeNe as Mr. Potato Head! The girl does seem like she is all full of troubles this season....but I CANNOT hate on NeNe because my boo Anderson fan-fcking-tastic Cooper luvs him some NeNe and I luvs me some Anderson Cooper! :)

But.....I usually try to leave the faux housewives kidlets out of the comments when breakin' down these fame hungry biotches from Bravo but.....ewwwwwww Did anyone but me catch the mother-daughter scene involving Kim and her little man crazy kidlet in training? Holy Shit Balls! First of all mini Kim was eating some kind of creamy shit throughout the entire scene and you can see the shit swirling around in her braces and all in her mouth....icckkk and then the little mini Kim gets some of the most fcked up advice about men I have ever heard a mother give to her child! Kimbo actually had the nerve to tell mini Kim that she was being materialistic and I guess she was trying to tell the kidlet to not be a gold digger????WTF? Just exactly does Kimbo think her kids have been taking away from her behavior the last


Glad they're back. I haven't been watching DC.

I'm with you on Kandi and I'm glad to see Phaedra. Looks like Bravo is encouraging a cat fight there. We'll see. I don't think Phaedra is a match for Nene-saurus. How do you fight someone who is willing to get physical like that at the drop of a hat? Phaedra looks like she's an actual lawyer. When lawyers get in the occasional fist fight it results in the occasional disbarment. Good luck goddess of light.

I agree with you that the Nene before and after segments were beyond hysterical. It was like a little Spinal Tap magic on Bravo.

Good luck to Dwight. You're the villain this year, baby, and though Kim's turn is coming they've got you in their crosshairs.

The medical term for a nose job is rhinoplasty, sadly this doesn't rhyme with moose.


(Phaedra)"Don't stoop to any hood rat type levels"....hilarious.....can't go much lower than DuhWight already has....did you see her face when he told her that he spent $30K......did she actually say give her a copy of Emily Post??? What?? What planet, rather what time warp is this woman in.....Can't wait to see how she works out. Still can't get over NeNe's nose...hate it. I liked her old nose, this one looks so fake and it sounds like she is congested when she talks...maybe she was still swollen....

J Sweet

OMG I love your caricatures so much.
Have you considered drawing the Teen Moms?


Welcome back Gilmore - I've missed you. You nailed Phaedra trying to hard to be WASPy. I replayed her 'foie gras'(foy grass)comments over and over. She and Countess LuAnn should have a Ettiquette dance off....

-Cynthia (not the new one from ALT)


Hi David, so glad to hear from you again, dahling!

I thought Nene looked strange and I believe you nailed it with the NOSE JOB!! I attributed it too her bizarre new 'do, which I was trying to figure where the fake hair began and real Nene hair ended.

My nomination for the most disturbing scene of the evening was Kim Z's kid stuffing ice cream down her gullet with her mouth open and (yuck) braces clacking. I'm sorry, but she is not cute or attractive in the least and to hear this mini-heifer go on and on about sexually charged potential hookups at her age just goes to show you that children emulate what they see. Kandi and her new BF's discussion about "oral sex" made me barf also...Didn't her old fiance just die about 6 months ago? What ever happened to mourning? Those classless women of Atlanta, didn't their moms ever tell them discretion is the better part of valor?


NeNe is looking good on WWHL tonight with her brand spankin' new beek! :)

The previews for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are fantastic! Next Thursday night peeps is gonna be some must see Bravo tee veeeee! Yay! After the shi# fest that the DC wives turned out to be it will be a relief to watch some West Coast action!

I'm ashamed I love this show

"I personally have had dealings with him..."

Woah woah woah...say wa? Hold on now. YOU know Duh-wight? You cannot spill that kind of champagne and not expect to get raised eyebrows from us.

Gilmore...Dish it.
(and don't you dare say 'oh it wasn't that interesting'. Uh uh, no.)


Missed you!!!!!!!! sooooo glad you are back and fabulous as usual. Hotlanta Hotlanta. This was some funny shit! The fake ass reunion of Kim Skanky and Ms. Potato Head NeNe indeed. Between her broke azz half weave looking like a beret, (NeNe)and that new nose..I died when she talked about Duh-Whites nose (pot meet kettle)...Greg looks like a beaten man and is 8 months pregnant. SheRee is too funny. She looks good though (that crack about Duhwhite and his affinity for polyester by her friend - priceless. SheRee is faking the Birkin bc it takes 3 years to be on the waiting list AND you have to pay for it up front. Floss baby Floss (or maybe she borrowed it from DuhWhite? If Kim doesn't teach her kid to talk with her mouth closed when eating white stuff I will scream. When Nene Backed that Bitch up (Dwight) against the wall it was ovah. I thought they would kiss with the tongue LOL. He is a tiiiiiigah...More like Puss in Boots. I love that drunken Moose. Khandi, poor koolaid head Khandi. Love her but this new man has....wait for it....he has SEVEN KIDS. No lie. WTF? Phaedra does sound like a new drug and she speaks like she is soooo high but I like her bc she is going to call all the fakers out watch what happens. Loving Hotlanta. Bring on the Mint Juleps!


"I yam what I yam", says that sweet potato


So glad you are back! I have missed your fantastic one liners and spot on Real Housewives drawings!


@Ronnie-LMAO @ your recap! Thank you for the lol giggles! Bedded to giggle BIG time! Also glad to see that I am not the only one who thought the scene with Big Bottle Blonde Wigged up Kim and her little man eater in training was to say the least "odd" completely fcked up imho considering big wigged mama been openly dating a married man and has been totally flaunting it. opinion find yo self someone who is available and not married to someone else.


I only watched the part where Kim's daughter was eating something disgusting - I thought it was cream cheese but it was ice cream
OH my- I almost puked watching the food squeeze out her braces


Just watched the Botoxed, Restalyned up the as#, rich as motherfcking hell babes from Bev Hills and the jury is still out....I am just not feelin' it? Maybe the anticipation for this show was too much. I do feel so sorry for Taylor....I hope to GOD that she has a sweet, sweet pre-nup....or maybe she doesn't even have one like Camille Grammar? One can only hope she got out of signing on the dotted line wheb she married her present hubby.

It's kind of sad to have so much fcking money but I have to worry everyday if hubs is going to leave you for a 20 year old. Poor baby.....I think Taylor looks fab and I say screw it....if a 20 year old is what her hubs wants then take the money and run baby!


Hey I checked out the Bev Hills beeyatches and all I can say is HOLLA THEY GOT CHEDDAR!!!! On the real. those broke azz OC and Joisey hos, cannot compare!!!!HOtlanta are broke too but they keep it real, we get our hair done and will rent a damyum bag to floss before we step out and will always dress, even with our rent money LOL. I tell you what, if that Kim (on Bev Hills) says one more time "ya know I was a child star" I will upchuck a lung. we get it YOU WERE ON WITCH MOUNTAIN.....DAYUM. I like her sister however (Kyle). But my FAV BEEEYOTCH IS MS. MADOFF yes the one whose is hella rich owes the Sacramento Kings and the Palms and can flip a bitch over her shoulders (200 pounds plus) whevever she wants. Loved how she said about her and her hubby's arrangement - "we have our own money - Period. Gotta love that chick. I cannot wait to watch it. Grammer/skripper just sad and clueless but at least by having Fraiser's spawn (by rent-a-womb) she will get paid bc they are still young. Yes Taylor is sad. She has the fugliest husband and yet she is scared he will leave her for a 20 year old? I say push that muthafuka off the ledge with his toupee and run! She betta work it, save her money and take after her friend Madoff. It will be fun to watch. I could be depressed, botoxed if I had that kind of cash, no problem...private jet...all day baby. Love it!!!!!!!!Please do not let any of them go to jail like would be a let down. At least have ONE franchise with some REAL cash.


@Ronnie-LOL!! That is some funny shiz your recap!! :)

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