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October 26, 2010



YAY! A new entree to enjoy with my morning coffee. Can't think of a better way to start the day.

Ronna Rosenberg

Kandi is the best. She is the "Betheney" of the group with her zingers, bringing everyone down to earth, and the fact she has actual skills and a career. Love Kandi!


Oh I love it. You got that crazy Phaedra perfectly. That's all I thought when I saw her at the shower, the flowers looked just like antennae. Weird, Klassy, Southern Belle antennae.

Kandi is the best.


Okay, I just read the whole post and I agree entirely.

Phaedra is the new Teresa and she's exactly a zillion times more delusional than Jesus Barbie. I you comments here, kudos to Bravo for finding this reprehensible specimen.

As far as beating the snot of of the kid, both of her parents are pastors so this is the whole "spare the rod spoil the child" bullshit. But that's goes both ways Phaedra. If your a sanctified Christian then you need to let your husband make all the decisions in the family. On kids, discipline, sex and money. And on the gifts he chooses to give you. End of story. You are the woman in the marriage and as such it's not your call. It just isn't.


a cubic Z that thinks she's a diamond ... so perfect! So tacky and delusional! I love that she says Fab-boo-lus too ... it kills me.

The cut always to Cynthia talking about the shower were too funny ... I am thinking she could possible be normal ... no?

Miss u!


I'm also thinking that Nene is somewhat redeeming herself after season 2.

And I'm liking Cynthia and especially Peter. That must have been hard, being trotted out for the cameras only to find the other guy bailed and then to be insulted as "unclean" by Phaedra like that? he showed a lot of restraint and I got the vibe he did it all for Cynthia. Good for you Peter, way to be supportive of your lady. She had your back and got that knife in pretty good.

Apollo was sentenced to 18 years in prison, under RICO. The crime he's on parole for now is his second conviction.

But Peter is the "dirty" one. yeah, ummmmmm, no.


Loved seeing Kim's parents! Those poor grandkids don't have a chance...crazy family. Phaedra is a pompus windbag. About fell off my chair when Duhwight was dancing in place of Apollo.


Phakedra's rosebud antannae are perfect! You are a genius per usual.

I am thinking that she doesn't want any baby mammas around to detract from the "Hey, This is Phaedra and it's MY world." show by siphoning attention or money from her. All sorts of blind items about Apollo stealing money from her to entertain side action.


Darling, you really mustn't take these long breaks. Really, what could be more important than all of us?



I thought Phaedra's roses in her hair looked like devil horn's! Hand to god, honestly! Speaking of God, aren't her parents "Pastors" in the same crazy assed religion that Tammy Faye & Jim Baker, were? When she was going on about Apollo being raised in a white family, my jaw hit the floor. Love you!


David Dahling glad you are blogging and Love it love U!!!

OK Fuggdra, sorry had to give her a name, but fugly inside makes you fugly outside. She is a damn fool. Period. And how could she talk about Uncle Ben (Cynthia's man) like that? Low rent beeyotch. Goes to show you Mark Twain said it best, something like "better it is for others to think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt", or something like that. A JD doesn't give you class or common sense. That McTacky baby shower - hell I'm with her husband, I would not have used my parole time at that shit either. He is plotting his Shawshank escape soon after the spawn is born. Duhwhite Duhwhite, you cannot turn a Stunt Hoe into a Housewife so give it up. Get with DanSmell and get your own show. It's embarassing, you and your makeup. Buh Bye.

Poor Nene, she was so dayum high. I died. Her IV had a fifth of Ciroc in it I swear. Gurl do what you must if it makes you feel, look, okay dayum she is still Bullwinkle but hey improving. Kim and Sheeree are nutty but funny (Note to SheeRah - dump the faker Dr. Phil and his balding head due to all those damn dreads from back in the day)He just wants to stay on tv. Frontin at its finest.

I love Khandi. Booschetto was on point. Please please let her patent the term.


Kandi is my favorite on the show by far. She better make Kim pay her for the next song she does for Kim.

Phaedra is indeed a cubic zirconia thinking she's a diamond. Me lady doth protesth too much. A classy lady doesnt need to announce she's a classy lady.

Cynthia's man took one for the team indeed. And then helped Phaedra walk down that lil incline. I am beginning to like Cynthia. I loved when she said Phaedra should put down a pom pom and not pat herself on the back. That reminded me when Bethenny said that about LuMann touting herself as the Countesss and etiquette master "Its a glass house waiting to be smashed" and sure enough The Count left LuMann publicly. And all the blinds about Apollo. TO be fair, I dont agree with the sidestepping he is doing, but I UNDERSTAND. Why marry someone poor and expect to be lavished with rich gifts? What a way to emasculate a man.

Nene - looks crazy to me but she was funny as heck while hopped on the pain meds.

Its gonna be a good season.

Lou LaMarre

David, This is off topic but I saw this Art Project and immediately thought how awesome it would be for you to be part of it. Okay, maybe I am looking for someone to live vicariously through:)

Check it out


Love you guys, missed you!!! Fakera...too much, that hideous blue dress, chairs, flowers, cake....god and the flowers in her was like a smurf threw up all over...I loved what Cynthia said - I was hoping someone would stab me in my neck...her and Kandi...hysterical. Kim's dad what a her whole family tone deaf? she is always so out of key whenever she sings...they think she's great...of course. I'm feeling a little bad for NeNe...although she was hilarous when she was on the meds....


First off, thanks Michele for the link - inneresting stuff...

And oh David, how I have missed you - let me count the ways! We all realize that you have a life but please don't be so silent - I live for your recaps!

I was happy to spy a Martinique update, your nephew is truly gifted and it will certainly be exciting for your family, and him, to see how his future in fashion unfolds. I so wish my 11 year old son was passionate about anything (unrelated to the XBox), so it's fun to live vicariously through your nephew. I do adore my own son BTW, lack of seemingly innate talents aside...

I am so looking forward to watching how these Atlanta broads continue to bash each other and entertain us! Kandi seems like someone I would want to hang out with and I think she is just precious how she seems to actually think that aiding Kim in her music "career" is a worthwhile endeavor. Is she really that good of a friend or does she see how much Kim may be worth as nothing more than a sideshow freak with no real singing ability whatsoever. Either way, I'll be watching that!

Phaedra is hilarious and I have a hard time believing that she's for real - those flowers, that waltz, the ballerinas, rhinestones on the eyelids - TOO much but keep bringing it girl!

Nene is always good for a laugh but I do feel bad that her older son appears so resistant to grow the hell up - must be tough for her. Do they ever say much about his bio dad because it's not Greg right?

Thank you so much David - you are always missed when you go silent...

Jen in MD


I think on Kandi and Kim that's it's mostly business at this point. Tardy for the party might have been an act of kindness but Kandi strikes me as a true performer. Any stage, any time, drop of a dime, ready to go, but artists need audiences. So she's cool with Kim because more people might turn out to see the circus act then Kandi gets the chance to really perform.

I love Kandi and I don't want to criticize her in a disparaging way at all, but that is the business. Asses in seats.

I also think that's the sole reason Kandi is on the show. She doesn't strike me as one of these crazy narcissists. She's just using the whole thing to promote her own music which is very smart. As an older artist, anyone over 21 being "older", she can't just get a deal with a record company based on talent alone.

Kandi's got a plan. And I approve of that plan.


I look forward to your real housewives blogging, you truly crack me the hell up :D


Love your recaps, they make my day!

Nene is acting more like the Nene that I adored in season one, it must be the meds. Sheree is so funny this season, I am starting to like when she shows up. Kim is a mess. Kandi I still adore & can't believe she is going to help Kim again after not getting anything from it. I like the model but the lawyer keeps going down the downward spiral.


Ok I was up late the other night watching what else but Manswers I saw SheHee's ( thats what my grandmother also called lesbians) Dr. Love answering questions about the top three weirdest fetishes. I has to sit up to make sure it was him sorry but this guy is all cheese!

I'm ashamed I love this show

Ok, I'm late to this party (fashionable, thankyouverymuch).

Kandi: She can say 'what the hell?' with those big beautiful bug eyes and pearly whites all day long. Loves me some Kandi. Is it me or is she too high-functioning for this show?

Kim: Girl looks as tired as her wig. Banged up and barely giving a damn anymore. I resonate with that and now have much love for our confused and slutty princess.

Phaedra...she's one of those people who you could say to 'Honey, your outfit is a joke' and she'd reply 'I know! Isn't it fun!?!'. Her man is clean. Yeah. Uh huh...

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