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October 15, 2010



Sheree's date is so not a doctor, in fact he was fired a couple years ago from Clark-Atlanta University once they found out he never completed any kind of grad school. If he looks familiar it's because this is not his first reality show, he was on The Real Gilligan's Island. I guess him bring a fake is only fitting since all of these ladies pretend to be something they are not.


Sheree cracked me up on her date, so funny! I like the new model chick but the lawyer not so much...

Kiki :) in Canada

Oh my heavens good to see that you are back
David Darling. I've missed you sooo much !
I just heard nene is going to be on celebrity
aprentince. Better this then hoofing her way
through DWTS ! Bruno would have a moose
sized fit ! Indeed ! Glad your :) back sweetie.
Take care & thanks for the recap xoxo Kiki :)


Although she is crazy, I felt really sorry for Nene this episode.
Welcome back, David. You are a treasure.


Loved your lol recap of our favo-righttttt O (misspell on purpose :) little sweet potato pies from Hotlanta David! Brilliantly fine as usual! And of course your depiction of NeNe and fakedra was genius!

To add ro the previous posters comments....yes, I really felt sorry for NeNe in this episode. It completely tore my heart out to watch that scene with her son while she was crying trying to explain to him how badly it hurts her that he is going I'm the wrong direction. Keep your head up NeNe....hoping that your son finds his way and decides to listen to your advice. Keep on rockin' it NeNe!


Petite Maoiste

On twitter people were writing that Sheree's date is a Psychology Professor....Anyway, it was nice to see her get her comeuppance when she got taken to a dicey area on the date. LoL. Your drawings of NeNe are spot on but your Pheadra is a MASTERPIECE. Not the most attractive but I am really looking forward to your depiction of Apollo (is that really his real name?). Hope you are feeling better soon!


HA! I totally thought of you when they showed the Gilmore street sign! ;) I can not stand Phaedra this year...but I like Cynthia....and I feel bad for Nene this year...She does seem emotionally drained. Should be a fun season! :)


I actually felt bad for Nene when she & Dwight finally sat down to talk. I begrudgingly could see how she felt betrayed especially since Dwight told everyone BUT Nene's of her husband's action. I still think there was more to the story than what Dwight & Nene's husband revealed.

Your first pic of Nene is HYSTERICAL.

Fakedra is just as ghetto as Nene.

The balls of Kim not giving Kandi any money for the hit song that Kandi produced YET wants Kandi to come sing back up for her and be her emotional support. Kandi is a damn good sport for not holding a grudge against Kim for same. I dont know if I could be that gracious.

Glad you're doing better.


I don't think I'm going to like Pheadra too much. She's just trying way too hard to prove that she's "not like them". As for Cynthia, she seems like a nice person on film, but then she writes these cunty blog posts, and I have to start thinking hard Boo! I guess only time will tell...
As for Nene, I feel like a bitch for not buying into her problems/drama. She caused so much trouble last season that I don't want to feel sorry for her or try to see her in a sympathetic light.


nene is the baddest chick, seen her on the road-- hot


OMG………Your drawings are hilarious! Thanks for the humor and true insight. I wonder, how will you draw Cynthia? Anyhoo, boo, hope you feel better.


I have never realized what a no talent prostitute Kim is. good lord and the ONLY reasons I can think that the people who run the white party now in Palm Springs ( something I used to attend years ago) they wanted her was for 1, comic relief, 2 she exactly like a drag queen.

When that wind came up I was hoping to see that wig get ripped off that dirty whore's head and go flying off into the Coachella valley sunset.

I have a feeling the show contacted the white party and asked if this no talent nit wit could peform their.

Kandi, must be some kind of saint to waste her talent on this wreck.

that song is awful awful AWFUL!!!


Kim and her damn wig. Goodness, burn that shit.

NENe is PIT-TA-FUL on the real. You can tell during taping she was going through some serious issues and with that tulip bulb nose, damn. Life is hard. Even Dwight was looking like get it together boo. heheh.

I'm loving SheRee this time around. that bitch is hood, got a betta weave and just don't give a damn. I would have said the same thing too: why you send a car for me to take me to the hood? Stepin my azz...she could have done that in her living room. He wanted to get on tv AGAIN, balding azz. She needs to just come out of the closet, have a hot fling with the new chick Cynthia and keep it moving.

Khandi is looking tired. Ihope she gets the record deal that needs and hit the treadmill. but I still like my Khandi.

Phadra Phaeadra...LOL she is such an alcoholic and slurring shit. Her fine azz convict of a man is ready to take the money and run but she is carrying his seed (aka meal ticket ala K-Fed) she he will stick around for a bit. oooh weee this is gonna be loooong like Joisey.


A reason to never drink a Milk-Shake again!!!


Yeah, not buying Phaedra, regardless of the refinement factor. The woman said racketeering is a white collar crime, so no biggie.

But many of the psychopathic monsters we see in the courts that happen to be "goodfellas" often get convicted of racketeering when convicted at all. It's kind of like saying that a drug dealer on the street is the scum of the earth but their suppliers making hundreds of thousands of dollars a day are just businessman. Not buying any of your bullshit.

I will say that Nene on Phaedra is sounding a lot like the old Nene I loved. She doesn't look anything like the old Nene with that stuccoed sideways hair and the nose she picked out of the catalog, but still.

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