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October 17, 2010



OMG. Remedial whore. LMAO at this entire post. Thank you! xox


Taylor's lips! When she was in the coffee shop every time she took a drink her top lip snapped so strangely. That cannot be comfortable.


Taylor's face offends me.


She looks like a Muppet.


Camille is a little pathetic, with her cute little dancey dance body and surrogate carried children with 4 nannies. BUT she's not a TROPHY! Poor Taylor, it has to be a lot of pressure knowing that your partner could leave you at any minute for a newer model. There is no amount of money in the world that would make me stay in a relationship that is based only on appearance. These ladies are cookie cutters. SAD...but entertaining!


Love the post and loooove me some Gilmore. OK I posted on Hotlanta because you had not blogged yet. I loves me some Bev Hills beeeyotchs!!! I'm just glad the hookas really have money (except yes poor ducklips hubby (fugly azz) is filing bankruptcy -- WTF is it with this franchise? Dayum! On the application does it say: did you ever commit a felony (nope); are you about to file bankrupcy (check). I mean shit. OK. Yes Kim is nerotic and WE GET IT YOU WERE A CHILD STAR A LOOOOOOOONG TIME AGO. Get a clue. I like her sister betta. Pure Gansta. Kyle can make a bitch outta anybody. Of couse my fav is ..wait for it.....Ms. Madoff herself, she can flip her hair, her money and a 200 pound bastard all in one swoop. Looooved how she let us know that her mula is hers and her husbands is his own. I love it. Private jet, owns a team, dayum swagger like us fo sho. I cannot wait to watch with wine,ice cream and laxitives, in the bathroom because skinny bitches will have me bulimic for real. I love it. Cannot wait. poooor Leaving Las Vegas Grammer gal. Dumb as cotton and Kelsey is cotton. She aint got a clue. Watch what happens ( but give the ho credit, she rented a womb instead of messing up that hawt bawdy. LOL.


I like this crew and I agree the stand-outs are Taylor, Kim and Camille.

Exemplary for what not to emulate? Is there a word for that?

Great recaps. Love.


The bigger story is the disservice to our world that these women are so grossly underrepresented among the Nobel Prize nominees...Sad, really.
Missed ya David!
Cindy from T.O.

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