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September 09, 2010


I'm ashamed I love this show

At first I thought the 'unexpected' was the Spacewoman on the payphone. Then I realized it was the down-market peg board wall.

I want to believe her flying saucer crashed and she's using the phone in a small town hardware store. Maybe in Barstow or Bakersfield....


I keep trying to decide which one is my favorite, but can't seem to decide. Do you know if any of these can be purchased?

dragon girl

When did Joey Lawrence get his own Ken doll?
4th pic Whoooaa!!!

katie wisniewski

Could i have your email? i'd like to contact you about getting credit on one of my art pieces. I did the squid piece a few years ago and feel uncomfortable that you're using it. it's in my room and i can send you photo confirmation


The top two remind me of The Twilight Zone ep. where she goes back to the dept store for like, a thimble or something and finds out she's really a mannequin. Scary! Remember that one? When all the other mannequins are like, talking to her, "Marsha, climb off of it Marsha. Come on Marsha". Eerie and funny.

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