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August 18, 2010



Actually... I think a even BETTER cover would have been Jason Stackhouse in the middle instead...


I was puzzling, "How did they hide his.... ohhhhh."


True Blood Rolling Stone Cover Photos:


True Blood Rolling Stone Magazine Cover Photo (Uncensored)


I freaking LOVE your cover. It is now my new screensaver. LOL.

On a side note, Danielle got kicked off of RHONJ and Dina may come back.

129. BLIND GOSSIP 08/17
There are the usual vague press releases when someone gets fired, and then there’s the naked truth, which in this case, is much more interesting. This TV series cast member brought exactly the kind of drama to the series that producers dream about. Not surprisingly, it resulted in great ratings for this show. However, the rest of the cast members gave the producers an ultimatum: Either she goes or we ALL say arrivederci. Faced with the prospect of recasting the entire show, they reluctantly released their star. By the way, now that she is gone, an old cast member is seriously considering a return to the show.
Show: "Real Housewives of New Jersey"
Released star: Danielle Staub
Old cast member: Dina Manzo


The problem I have with true blood is that they keep trying to make us believe Anna Paquin is right for this part, , they need someone really HOT to play off the Male Hotness because compared to the rest of these great looking men Anna ( to me) has the sex appeal of a dust rag.


I gotta agree with @Bryan, Anna Paquin wasn't the right cast for the part of sookie. Too the cover though, they did a good job with it I think. It's creating tons of buzz for RS Mag.


Boy George Bush and Mischa's cellulite-- freaking hilarious.


EXCELLENT re-work of the True Blood cover.
I'm GAY GAY GAY, but the scene with Anna riding Bill in front of the fireplace was hot. She's awesome for this part: innocent, smart, stubborn, rural.


Oh god, the last thing and I mean the LAST thing I want to see is ROGUE from X men films faux bouncing on some bloodsucker's peen,

I'm a cumming I am!!!"

As someone here said recently a total bone killer


Just a fun little tidbit from my hairdressers.....

The makeup artist for this shoot is a friend of my hairdressers. Apparently the photographer did not like any of the clothing that the stylist he asked the actors if they would be opposed to being naked. Obviously not :)

According to the makeup artist who got to bloody them all up, both of the male actors are WELL hung.

Made me like the show even better ;) Now all we have to do is find out about Alcide...

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