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June 14, 2010



Since I moved to San Diego from LA county in 1993 I haven't been LA pride in awhilem SD's pride is good, it seems smaller, could be, I always loved "Dykes on Bikes" I wonder if they still participate? I wonder if the festival is still where it is, did it grow and how was it.

I love the photo, some poor drag queen lost, she was probably tanked and got into a tussle with another DQ.

Ken Monteith

Why are so many of those rainbow flags upside down? A DADT / Prop H8 protest, or poorly understood instructions?


I never noticed that LOL!!!!


Hi David,

Sure have missed you! Packing up my cares as woes and makin' another life change.... Remember my stories several months back about the lost shoes? This one reminds me of my really drunk cousin who happened to be having intimate relations in the back of her boyfriend's pickup truck on the way back from some really lively hippie wedding. She has really big feet and got carried away and emerged with only one shoe. The other one is rotting alongside Hwy1 north of Fort Bragg, CA!! Love, Carlie.

Jennifer Jayhawk

Wait. Are you saying you are gay Michael K.???

Great post :)

Pamela Woodson

David! didn't you find a lone shoe at some other place too? Santa Ana? Empty beer bottles? Wasn't that you? Maybe it was me! Everything is blur nowdays!


Great photos, David! Man, do those men have some HAWT asses!! As always, you only show us the best!

Kiki :) in Canada

Beautiful pix and looks like a great celebration
was had by all. David darling you would look
fabulously chic under a parasol. Ixnay on the
umbrellaay unless it's raining. Paraol is French
for to keep off the sun. I love the blue Adonis :)
on the float. Ooh my heavens ! Tis himself !!!'

Toronto is getting all geared up for our 30th
pride parade. We have a big shindig up here.
Only this year it's going be extra VIP with us
hosting the g8 & g20 summits downtown. All
the worlds presidents are conveining here for the
summit. Prez Obama included. Lots of security
and precautions are in order. Bet the parade is
going to be wonderful this year ! Happy pride day
David to you and your Beau !! :)(: xo - Kiki :)

I'm ashamed I love this show

Aawww...I was expecting your sketch of the glamorous outfit that would go with a shoe of this style and distinction.

One can only imagine the pageantry, elegance and assloads of glitter that accompanied it...


I, too, expected a rendering of the outfit. Oh well...

Me? I imagine it was Big Bird-chic with many yellow feather, and involved a headdress and blue glitter eyelids.


many yellow feathers*


I want that shoe. Fierce!!!

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