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April 22, 2010



I can hear him saying your commentary.. too funny! I <3 Tim Gunn!


First off DG excellent work as always, secondly I recently watched "The September Issue" Vogue should dump that raving queen of bad taste Leon Tally and stick Tim Gunn in his place.


I really love Seth Aaron's work & I hope he wins. I like his style the most.


Heyyyy boo.....did you miss me??? Just wanna say hi and Iet you know that I still check in with you everyday. Tell our nephew and bf that I said hello! Talk to ya soon.

Lotsa love and
Ciao Bella,


Laura K

Thanks for the shout-out, David. Looking forward to the finale tonight. OXOXOX

Jennifer Jayhawk

I have not watched the finale yet (I'm still watching RHWNY and Watch What Happens).

I LOVE Tim Gunn. When he was on Bonnie Hunt she was also gushing over him. Bonnie said "will you marry me"? Tim, without missing a beat, said "you just made my Mom so happy". It was hilarious!!!


Emilio Thotha ith an ath.


Totally a TG fan. He was one of those crazy little accidents that the show needed to make it. I read that he wasn't even paid for the first season but he's the glue that binds the whole workroom and runway together. Without him, it's not a great show.

He's also super classy and diplomatic. It's not easy to tell someone their design is not good enough in a pressure cooker like that but he always manages to keep it constructive and overall positive for the designer. In the critique segments you never see him self-aggrandizing just focusing on the task at hand, making the best garment that designer can in the limited time allowed. That's not easy but he makes it look that way.

Thanks for all your hard work Mr. Gunn. We love you.


My life would be sooooooo happy if David and Tim were my BFF.


I luuuuurrve it! and so will my sister! Thank you thank you!

Jennifer Kirkwood

OMG - I was jealous when I saw this!!! and I thought about getting one for MY sister!! and I am the lucky recipient!!! Thank you!!!


Love TG - I really love the classy, intelligent way he critiques without criticizing. He nudges them, makes them think, and helps them to find the right path without directly pointing it out. LOVE HIM! And I'm so thrilled Seth Aaron won! His designs were so strong - bold and beautiful! Emilio - good designer, horrible person - collection was nice, but nothing I haven't seen before. I would have been disappointed if he'd won.

PS - can't wait to read your RHONY recap - and I'm sure you've heard that Jill got caught writing her own 5-star book review on Amazon - toasted her own bagels with that! What has happened to my Jill??


RE: "ElaineinKC" - I guess you missed the part of the posting where David wrote "I would just ask that no one reveals the winner in the comment section. Thanks."

Not very nice...


@Michelle - I did miss it and I am really, really sorry. I didn't do it intentionally - please accept my sincere apologies.

I'm ashamed I love this show

I have a strong dislike for Emilio simply because its obvious Tim does not care of him and I trust his judgment of character implicitly.

Am I the only person who thought Mila was the best? And I agree with her Couture Hot Topic assessment of Seth Arron.

I'm still waiting for the right Tim Gunn spin off show. That one he did where he used some stupid software program to assess the right look for someone was a mess.


The LA seasons were crap, I'm so glad they moved back to NY (hello, fashion capital!). David will you please start recapping PR again! That would be awesome :)

((Team Seth Aaron)) (

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